Prophet's ﷺ Medical Guidance - Oiling Hair (for strong & healthy hair)

Prophet's ﷺ Medical Guidance - Oiling Hair
(for strong & healthy hair)


- The act of oiling hair is something many of us do not recognize to be a part of the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

- Oiling hair on a regular basis prevents hair loss and greying,

- promotes strong and lustrous hair by strengthening hair protein.

- rejuvenates and relaxes the mind by soothing the brain’s nerves and capillaries.

Many of us seek this by spending a great deal of money at hairdressers and spas.

Yet, this simple sunnah can save us a great deal of money, time and effort

Bring back The Sunnah

Sunan An Nasa'i, Hadith No 5114:
"I heard Jabir bin Samurah being asked about the gray hairs of the Prophet ﷺ.

He said:
'If he put oil on his head they could not be seen, but if he did not put oil on his head, they could be seen.'"

Hair oiling is a sure shot way of ensuring that our hair remains strong and free from damage. It is perhaps the best thing we can do to your hair. In the long run, this practice is your key to healthier and stronger hair. Since the ancient times, oiling has been used as a means to enhance hair health. It gives your hair strength, relieves your scalp of bacterial and fungal infections and prevents your hair from premature graying. And there are many more benefits of oiling your hair regularly.
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