Advertise With Us

Advertise With Us

We've joined forces with Top-Tier Marketing companies today (20.09), Our reach has expanded from Thousands to Millions💚.

This page contains information about our Services and Advertising your products, services or contents on this site witnesstv.net

Before inquiring, please review the notes below,

Why You Need To Advertise With Us?

Im a Certified Digital Marketer/Strategist and you could reach your Business to the next level with our Advertising strategies/solutions.
(More than 100k+ - 1M+ Reach, as per your sponsor capacity) + We have ranked in UAE with Organic reach.

About Advertising

witnesstv.net is dedicated to Educational Stories & News worldwide.

Advertising with witnesstv.net is an affordable way to promote your products, contents, services & stories for thousands to millions of potential Customers every day while supporting the open sharing of education at the same time.

The following Advertising options and Services are available:

01. Digital Marketing Campaigns

We Promote your Sponsored Advertisements (Direct/Indirect) to the Targeted Audience (customizable) + across all platforms, Website, Apps, Social Medias (Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Etc..), WhatsApp & Telegram Groups (More than 100k+ - 1M+ Reach)

02. Ad Management

Will Manage all your Ads + related services.

03. Social Media Handling (organic/paid)

We Build/Promote/Maintain your Brand/Company/Shop/Identity with our Direct, Indirect marketing strategies + creative contents (posters/articles & more) (Reach depends on your sponsor capacity)

04. YouTube Marketing

We Promote your Sponsored Advertisements on Youtube (short ad/dedicated ad). (
More than 100k+ - 1M+ Reach) + (1M+ - 2M+ Sub Channels)

05. WhatsApp & Telegram Marketing

We Promote your Sponsored Advertisements on WhatsApp & Telegram. (Bulk share available) 
(More than 10k+ - 50k+ Reach)

06. Sponsored Posts (Article/Video/Poster)

You provide us with an article/video/poster and we publish & promote it. Your story, vacancy, product, content, service or any story that follows our editorial policy with minimum 100-150 words. (100k+ - 1M+ Reach)

07. Sponsored Posts (Article/Video/Poster) (done by us)

We do article/video/poster about your product, story, content or service & promote it. The post, along with its content (text, images) offer the product for purchase through an external site.

(100k+ - 1M+ Reach)

08. Social Media Marketing (organic)

We Promote your Sponsored Advertisements on our platforms, Website, Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, WhatsApp & Telegram Groups (More than 100k Reach General Audience) + (our subsidiary platforms)

09. Posters Making

We create Professional CV's, Advertisement Posters (+creative/viral), Videos (events covering/editing) & Logo Designing for you, & all kind of Printing services are available.

10. Job Posts

We post/promote your Company Vacancies, Offers, Events, Announcements & Promotions.

+ All Digital Related Services!

(Eg: SEO, Web Development)

Brands/Advertisers we have Worked

Website Statistics

11. Sponsored Ads on Our Web

 Mobile View

 Web View

An image/video that is display at the top of every places in this site witnesstv.net. this would be perfect to attract all consumers, Picture size should be (640 × 360 pixels) (16:9)

12. Contextual

Your ad is a word or group of words that are are linked to a website/product within an article/post. Words limit 30 and must have to pay for additional words.

13. Contextual Image/Video

An image/video that is within an article. For example, a book review or product review has an image, and that image links to a site where the product may be purchased.

14. Non-contextual Image/Video

An image/video that is placed outside & below of every posts of this site witnesstv.net. Picture size should be (640 × 360 pixels) (16:9)

Sponsored Posts (Articles) would be publish to all our other platforms as well (Organic Reach). Website (7k+ Daily Readers), Facebook, Instagram 3 Pages (37K+), YouTube 2 Channels (21K+), WhatsApp Groups (17), Telegram Groups (2), Twitter, Pinterest & all our platforms with 100K+ impressions. This would be the perfect to reach huge amount of consumers (1 year).

Disclaimer; we have rights to remove the Post (Article) if the post details or links mislead, harm or involve in fraud, illegal activities.

What about the Google Ads we have on the site?

Well, we don’t really control those since they’re served up Google. We’ve blocked the nasty stuff, but occasionally you might see an ad that goes against our general policy. We do keep an eye on it though, and will filter out inappropriate ads when possible.

How To Order

If you are interested in advertising with witnesstv.net, Please Click Here to contact via WhatsApp or Email us at witnesstv2@gmail.com with the details including duration and format of the advertisement. Maximum duration is Seven (7) days and you can renew it after the time period.

How To Pay

Your ads will be tested and configured. You can pay after your ad is finalized and it goes live.

Payments can be made by Bank Deposit/Transfer. (Preferred methods will be considered, (USDT) accepted)


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