7 Ways To Effectively Eliminate Bad Body Odor


1) Stop Eating Meat and Processed Dairy Products Until Your Odor Goes Away,
Meat and processed animal products like dairy and cheese wreak havoc on the body. Processed Dairy is acidic and mucous forming and loves to stagnate a lymphatic system. Meat is also acidic and hard to digest, sits in the colon feeding parasites. Meat that is not halal & tayyib are also rife with chemicals especially from livestock fed grain feed and injected with sickness causing veterinary nonsense. Illnesses of animals are also because of traditional commercial feed lots (cramped conditions), lack of sunlight and lack of exercise due to restrictions in movement. If you are looking to assist with detoxification…avoid all meat as much as possible until your health improves.

2) Ingest as Many Greens as Possible or Take Liquid Chlorophyll,
Greens are incredibly alkaline. All leafy greens, exotic greens, and just about anything else that is non GMO found in the grocery store in the produce section are nourishing to the body and contain a high fiber count needed for swift elimination. Be sure to buy organic. It’s not just about pesticides but veggies get their nutrients from soil! You know you’ve reached the pinnacle of healthy when your waste no longer has a foul odor. Not possible? Trying eating raw and living foods for about 6 weeks and you’ll notice the difference.

3) Sweat,
Sweat is a great way to expedite the removal of toxins. Make sure to continuously wipe your skin down when sweating so as to not reabsorb the toxins. Also, make sure there are no lotions and deodorant on your body to inhibit this natural process of elimination.

4) Hydrate,
Drinking pure filtered water (not the unhealthy tap water) on a detox is essential. Try to avoid water found in plastic bottles that has been reused many times as plastic leaches endocrine disrupting chemicals which contributes to the toxic load on the body.

5) Make an Attempt to Unblock the Spiritual Blockages,
(evil eye, black magic/ witchcraft and jinn/ demon possession) on your health using knowledge of Aamilat and Ruqyah as this will increase the effectiveness of the Detoxification organs and will speed up the Detoxification process.

6) Stick to a Halaal and Tayyib Diet,
Things like sweets, cakes, processed juices, sodas, modern wheat, Pharmaceutical drugs, refined vegetable oils all wreck havoc on the health as it contributes to the toxic load on the body which eventually leads to bad body odor.

7) Fasting,
Fasting decreases the workload on the detoxification organs and facilitates the healing process of those organs. This increases the efficiency and effectiveness of this detoxification organs in removing toxins from the body which speeds up the Detoxification process.
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