Brewing the "RUBY RED" Pomegranate Vinegar Pomegranate vinegar is a medicine for poor digestion, clogged arteries, Hypertension, even for cancer & HIV patients (parasites, malnutrition, toxins) . It is probably the best vinegar ever brewed on earth. Brewing of pomegranate vinegar is the most difficult, as it is so sensitive & spoils suddenly even with all precautionary measures. That is why we say that "it is born after thousands of years" . When pomegranates are juiced, some part of crushed seeds also enter the juice, these seeds interfere with fermentation & spoil the brew. Peel the Poms, juice them, & put the juice jars in refrigerator for 2 days so that all the crushed seeds settle at the bottom, filtrate the pure juice carefully without any movement to the jar. Those seeds can be eaten & they will prove to be a plumber for your digestive tract. For other vinegars like apple, pineapple, pears, sugarcane, coconut, etc . you will skip the seed