Caffeine Free Coffee using Date Seeds

Caffeine Free Coffee using Date Seeds

- One of the best alternatives for coffee lovers.
- Don't throw those seeds away after enjoying your dates.
Date stones are a miracle of Allah's creations, you should never waste them, they are the cardiologist for the heart patients (Diseases of Heart), they are used as eyeliner (KOHL), camels love them & we should seek attention from the wisdom of this animal, furthermore, date stone's hot infusion serves as a Caffeine free coffee, best alternative for coffee lovers. Make a habit of preserving date stones & you will feel happiness & joy in your heart.
Date stones powder can be used in many ways, the best is to take a teaspoon of this powder with 7 dates at an empty stomach.
· In Talbinah, & sometimes in Sattu drink
· Cake dough
· Frozen Fruit ice creams
· Frozen Yogurts
· Fruit chutneys
· Pakora doughs
· Barley bread dough
· Various types of Kalaqands ~ Hais
· As a hot infusion ~ the best alternative to coffee & tea addiction
The medicinal properties of date stones, very few people / patients use them….. They find the procedure difficult, first of all, you have to wait for collecting the stones, then roasting & grinding is not so easy. But for sure, they will bring the healing.
After washing dates, you can dry them under the fan for 2-3 days, & then you have to dry-roast them at low heat, date stones have moisture & I noticed that 2 kg reduced to 1.6 kg after roasting. But the vapors were so delicious & they filled my entire house with aroma.
Take them to a mill for grinding & because they are hard, first round of grinding is not enough & powder can be obtained after 2nd round.


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