Palestinians need an END to the genocide—not a pause.

Palestinians need an END to the genocide—not a pause.

After weeks of mounting pressure and international calls for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza—supported by the majority of Americans, including nearly 80% of Democrats—Israel has agreed to pause its relentless bombing of Palestinian homes, hospitals, schools and more for only 4 days.

Israel has killed at least 14,100 Palestinians, including more than 5,600 children, in the past 6 weeks. That’s more than 300 Palestinians per day, including 9-10 classrooms worth of children each day.

Palestinians need an END to the genocide—not a pause.

Israel needs to STOP killing 1 Palestinian child every 10 minutes—not resume killing them again in 4 days.

Israel needs to STOP bombing and besieging hospitals—not take a weekend break.

Israel needs to STOP cutting off food, water, electricity, fuel, and medical supplies to millions of civilians in Gaza—not just let small amounts in for a few days.

Israel needs to STOP committing genocide. Now.


Netanyahu's office says there has been a delay in the implementation of the hostage deal, will not happen before Friday.

Ceasefire and hostage release have both been delayed, likely until Friday.

Joe Biden has challenged all Islamic countries,
Islamic summits, peace treaties, Palestinian rights, the United Nations, the Security Council, and the entire world.

He declares that Jerusalem will be stolen from Palestine and that it will be the eternal capital of Israel

He says: We will stand with Israel with its missile arsenal and with support of $30 billion to eliminate Gaza and the Palestinians!

He declared it a war against Palestine, just as Bush before him declared it against Muslims!

O Muslim who has real love and concern for your Deen, your brothers, and your holy sites!

I'm not asking that you fight with your brothers in Gaza (which is what we are supposed to be doing and obligated to be doing)!!!

I'm just asking that you stop supporting Israel !!!

By Allah, we will be held accountable on the Day of Resurrection!

The president of the Starbucks Coffee Company said that It will double donations to Israel to kill Arab freedom fighters!!
((He is known to pay $2 billion annually to Israelis. From Starbucks' profits.

Philip Morris Company (producer of Marllboro cigarettes)
Donations are paid daily!!!
Every morning, Philip Morris pays for cigarettes. 12% of its profits go to Israel!

Smokers in the Islamic world as a whole consume cigarettes from Philip Maurice
With a value of 100 million dollars, therefore, the world’s smokers!!

So, Muslims pay $12 million to Israel every day !!!

The cost of the F-16 aircraft
The latest model, $50 million, means that  we  (Muslims) pay the cost of a warplane every 4 days!!

Unfortunately......... they are collecting donations to kill Muslims, may Allah save and protect us.

We must stop supporting the enemies of Allah before we can help our brothers:

 Coca Cola
 Pepsi Cola

 Let's stop buying American and British goods ((FOR JUST)) one month !!!

Send it to everyone so they know that America is losing $8.6 billion a day when we don't buy their goods
((((( For Just One Month))))

Please don't wait, send it to everyone you know.
Its price <<<<8.6 /7*30 = 36.68 billion??>>>>

I know we can do it!

Please be a real Muslim, tell your brothers, your family, your neighbors, your friends, and stop for one month...
just one month.

To stop buying only American and British goods for a month at least!

Since you were born, you have been proud of Islam but  when will Islam be proud of you???

Thank you reading the above, now we're waiting for you to act please...
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