Islamic Diet During Pregnancy


A halal and tayyib diet is the most perfect in this world, matching 100% with the human's Chemistry. It is a diet high in FIBER (which mainly comes from the blessed Barley), low in healthy fats (Olive Oil exclusively) and low in animal proteins (animals are properly slaughtered with the necessary 4 veins), then you have the blessed fruits like Pomegranate, Figs, Grapes, Quince, & some beautiful Diuretics that never deplete Electrolytes (Barley Water, Sakanjabeen, Nabeez, Camel's milk, goat's milk). Such a diet helps for a complete combustion, nutrition perfectly absorbed & the ashes are expelled out easily vide stools / urine.

During pregnancy, you have to avoid junk foods, refined carbohydrates, all kinds of vegetable oils (that are manufactured by Solvent Extraction, like Corn Oil, Sunflower, Canola), canned foods, on the shelf conventional dairy products, refined salted foods, the unhealthy types of pickles, conventional tea, conventional coffee, soda drinks, toxic pharmaceutical products, unfiltered tap water, etc. Adopt a strict Tayyib diet.

After waking up, start the day with Siwaak & Wudhoo, remember your Lord & pray Fajar, after which you should take a tablespoon of raw (real) honey mixed in a glass of moderately cold water. Take Talbinah in your breakfast, lunch should be very mild (barley soups are perfect), at dinner, take Barley bread with vegetable curries cooked in the blessed Olive Oil, never eat the washed lentils, take them with the shell, animal proteins should be limited to once per week only, lentils the same as once per week & for the remaining 5 days, rotate vegetables except potatoes, Okra (lady-finger), cabbage & cauliflower. Green Papaya curry will be the best for digestion. Quench your thirst with Barley water, Sakanjabeen & Nabeez.

Take Beetroot soup with Barley at least once / twice a week.

If you feel vomit, immediately take a teaspoon of pure vinegar, never use the synthetic vinegars, it is the best to brew your own Halal Vinegar in the kitchen, you can check Halal Vinegar recipes online. The easiest would be Coconut Vinegar, take the water out of fresh coconuts, and because it is low in sugar (5-6% maximum), you will have to add 100 grams of sugar per liter of coconut water, start the fermentation as we have shown for making Apple cider vinegar. A good / strong vinegar brew should be started with at least 15% sugar.

You should never have constipation in pregnancy, Barley bread & Olive Oil will be the best foods InSha'Allah.

During pregnancy, some mothers always remained with Wudhoo, Zikr & Quran recitation & using these spiritual methods of protection Allah (SWT) Will Protect the child as well and will be born without physical or mental defects InShaAllah.

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