15 SURPRISING USES AND BENEFITS OF SALT   1. Eliminate Ants You can get rid of ants around your house by sprinkling salt at places where you have seen them. It can also help you eliminate humidity and moisture in your house. 2. Make Your Sink Shiny In a glass of hot water add some salt. Use the mixture to clean your sink and bathroom. It will eliminate bad odor, and remove the accumulated grease from the sink. 3. Polish Brass, Copper, and Silverware After your silver, brass, and copper items lose their shine, you can return it with salt. All you need to do is to mix ACV with salt and polish your items. 4. Clean Your Car and House Windows In a gallon of water add two tablespoons of salt and mix them well. You can use this solution to get rid of stubborn stains and clean your car and house windows. 5. Rejuvenate Skin Mix lavender or olive essential oil with salt and apply the mixture to your face. Let it stay for a few minutes and rinse it with cold water. 6. Whiten Your Teeth Mix equal