The Senate in France πŸ‡«πŸ‡· voted to Ban the Hijab in athletic competitions in the country

The Senate in France πŸ‡«πŸ‡· voted to Ban the Hijab in athletic competitions in the country.

It’s reasoning: “The Hijab violates neutrality — laicite — on the field of play.”

It was approved by 160 votes to 143.

The measure extends France’s:
— 2004 Hijab Ban
— 2010 law restricting Niqab
— 2019 law prohibiting mothers who wear the Hijab to attend school trips with their children.

More than just an epicenter of global Islamophobia, France is the vanguard of it. And specially, state sponsored Islamophobia that polices the bodies of Muslim women.

If liberty is the foundation of democracy, why can’t Muslim women freely exercise their faith as they see fit Mr. @emmanuelmacron and Ms. @marine_lepen ?

An abhorrent policy, in the nation home to the largest Muslim population in Western Europe.

Young Muslim girls and women will have to choose: between the sport that they love, and their faith.

How France polices Muslim women's bodies:

2004 - Hijab Ban enacted,
2011 - Niqab (face covering) Ban enacted,
2019 - Mothers w/πŸ§• can't attend school trips,
2022 - Hijab banned in Sports.

The architecture of Islamophobia in France is built on the bodies of Muslim women.

Why should Muslim girls and women in France have to choose between their faith and the sport that they play, and love?

This week, the Senate in France banned the wearing of the Hijab in sports.

By doing so, it builds on an already robust body of structural Islamophobia that fixates on Muslim women.

What will this mean for Muslim women who play school and college sports? Pro sport in France? The 2024 Olympics in Paris?

It’s time for high profile voices, especially Men, to speak up in France and challenge this new measure.
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