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1. Do not lift the injured person in a hurry. Only put to bed and lift. Since the spine is probably unaffected, you can damage it by bending and lifting the body. Body parts become inactive, further complicating the situation.

2. In the event of a fracture, do not compress the puncture without taking an X-ray. This is because the bones are more likely to be angled and the muscles are more likely to stick together. Thus there is a risk that the legs may become angled and short.

3. Physiotherapy is a natural pain reliever. Taking painkillers on a monthly basis will cure the problem on a weekly basis.

4. Proteins are more important than calcium for bone strength. If protein is sari, then the design in it is calcium. Legumes, soy, mushrooms, eggs, meat, etc. are high in protein.

5. Users of lightweight two-wheelers should go very slowly. Vibrations that occur when going fast can directly affect the back, neck and hips.

6. Bones gain strength up to 25 years of age. After that the moles will start to weaken. Therefore, only nutritious foods eaten from childhood to the age of 25 will strengthen the bones. Eating after that will only help to slow down the weakening of the bones.

7. If you stumble and fall in old age, the spine and hips are more likely to break. The floor should not be slippery in areas where the elderly walk. Must be well lit. Even the carpet can fall off. So, they would only resort to this as a last resort.

8. If the foot stumbles and slips, it is immediately said ‘Stop by hand’. That's wrong. Probably a factor as to why they're doing so poorly.

9. Heel pain, lower back pain, neck pain, etc. Do not run to see a doctor immediately chair and shoes may also be the cause. Consider whether the wearer is a quality shoe or a chair that fits snugly in the back of the chair. Make it a habit to sit and relax for five minutes once in half an hour. If you still have nausea after this, see a doctor.


10. Drinking a cup of milk daily at a young age will strengthen bones and increase calcium intake.

11. Cabbage is high in estrogen so you can eat cabbage with wheat to prevent breast cancer.

12. Apple helps prevent various cancers including breast cancer.

13. Do you suffer from menstrual stress, fear and tension? Eat cornflakes for breakfast on those days.


14. Pregnant women believe that if you eat novel fruit, the baby in your womb will be born black and if you eat saffron, you will be born red. Melanin is the pigment that determines the color of the skin!

15. Pregnant women, if they take iron tablets, the body will be slightly darker and then come to the old color. With this, some people are afraid that the baby will be born black. It is unnecessary.

16. Pregnant women should eat early in the morning. This will keep the blood sugar level from falling. Frequent dizziness. Pregnancy.

17. As the baby grows in the stomach, the bowel pushes to one side. Then do not eat too much. Will not be hungry soon. In those times, juice, sprouted grains, etc., should be eaten several times a day.

18. Exercises should be done after childbirth to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

19. Bananas provide natural cooling to the body of pregnant women. Bananas eliminate heat that affects the body not only for physical reasons but also for emotional arousal. There are a variety of banana recipes in the daily diet of a mother-to-be in Thailand.

20. Swelling of the legs is common for some people during pregnancy. It is wrong to say that this is because we drink too much water.

21. Constipation is a problem during pregnancy. Drink plenty of water to avoid it.

22. A few days after delivery, a large cloth is tied around the abdomen to allow the abdomen to contract. That's wrong. Thus the uterus is likely to descend. This is the reason why some people urinate during coughing or sneezing. Six weeks after delivery, the belt can be worn.

23. Women with thyroid and sugar problems should take the appropriate medication during pregnancy. It does not affect the baby.

24. It is customary for the newborn to wear the old cloth first. Clothes that have been in the box for a long time should not be left unattended. It may contain germs. Wear only after washing and drying.

25. In some villages it is customary to rub honey, sugar and donkey's milk on the tongue of a newborn baby. Chronic honey is a type of toxin that can cause jaundice.

26. Potassium in bananas stimulates brain activity in children.

27. Children should drink plenty of water before going to play. The water that comes out as sweat while playing, it will compensate.

28. Storing breast milk is not good. If unavoidable, store in a clean container. Ketamine for up to 6 hours at room temperature.

29. It is wrong for children to get colds if they eat yogurt. Yogurt is a very good food for baby. Yogurt is high in probiotics. It is very good for the gut. Prevent the baby from getting allergies.

30. Children should be given bananas as they are high in starchy foods. It will cure constipation. It is a mistake to eat bananas to catch colds.

31. Do not overweight children by giving them too much food to be plump. PP, sugar, which should come at the age of 60, will come at the age of 30. Try to raise children with a balanced body. Food is medicine.!

32. Do you eat five kinds of fruits and some vegetables daily? If yes… Health and beauty are always on your side...!

33. Drinking a tumbler of pomegranate juice daily can be the solution to many problems in the body such as blood pressure, cholesterol and toxicity.


34. Watermelon slices are essential in the daily diet of people with mental illness and cerebral palsy. Watermelon is high in Vitamin B-6 which helps in relieving stress and fear.

35. Apples should be eaten with the skin on, as pectin is a significant chemical in the skin. Pectin is an expert in detoxifying our body.

36. If you eat garlic… your body's immune system will greatly increase. White blood cells are more productive and prevent the formation of cancer cells.

37. For red blood cell production, wormwood, beetroot, spinach, beans, green beans, black gram, sorghum, rye, maize, cardamom, spinach, etc. should be added frequently.

38. Green lentils, buttermilk, lentils, cashews, onions, zucchini, gooseberries, dill, pomegranate, navel, courgette, young water, etc. to alleviate excess body heat.

39. If you add zucchini to your diet, you will get rid of tongue and stomach worms.

40. Onions, Garlic, Spinach, Mistletoe, Pepper, Turmeric, Cumin, Blackcurrant, Jaggery, Zucchini, Lemongrass, Spinach, Lemon are some of the foods that detoxify the body.

41. Hemorrhoids can be cured by rubbing and eating ponnankannik greens. If you rub this balm on your head and take a bath, you will not get close to eye diseases.

42. It is very, very good to use hand-rolled rice for cooking. Hand-milled rice is rich in Norch nutrients.

43. Everything in the bicycle cape should be avoided altogether. Instead, eat whole grains and sprouted lentils.

44. Papaya fruits are very nutritious. Buy and eat papaya once a week. Good for eyes too.

45. Avoid keeping food in the fridge for too many days. The nutrients in such foods are depleted and can be harmful to the health of the body.

46. Soak a small piece of pineapple in honey daily and eat that honey for two weeks to keep the liver healthy.

47. Indigestion due to strong food? It is enough to mix every spoonful of mint, honey and lemon juice. The stone will also dissolve.

48. The power to destroy cancer cells lies in the skin of the grape. Medicinal products derived from grape nuts greatly stimulate the immune system. Do not take the drug….!

49. If you happen to go to natural places, take a deep breath for a while. It is very beneficial for the lungs.

50. The first thing to do in case of any illness is to get rid of the anxiety. That is the pre-first aid treatment.


51. If you can eliminate sugar (sugar) from your life, you can easily strengthen the body's immune system.

52. Diet and walking are the only way to lose weight. Magnetic bed, belt, tablet etc. do not give proper benefit.

LUB… DUB...!

53. Eating foods high in beta carotene is good for the heart. Especially carrots, cabbage, beets, dark green greens.

54. If you are a frequent swimmer No need to worry about the heart.

55. Salt, against the heart. Whenever you chew salted peanuts, feel the heart being affected.

56. Stress is the enemy of the heart. Push it away.

57. If someone in your family has heart disease, make it a habit to have your heart checked by a doctor.


58. Is there a stone in the kidney? Add magnesium to meals. Enough to eat a lot of beans! Wheat, oats, almonds, cashews, fish, barley are some of the foods that are high in magnesium.

59. Chips, Coke, Sweet Bottled Juices, Sugar - All of these are villains that cause kidney stones… Be Alert!

60. Drinking plenty of water can help remove small kidney stones. Also it is very good to drink something called carrot, grape and orange juice.

61. For those who eat a lot of vegetables, there is no need to be afraid of ‘kidney stone’.


62. Symptoms of tooth decay include toothache, swelling of the gums, swelling on the outside of the mouth, blackening of the teeth, cavities in the teeth and food retention, and embarrassment when eating cold and hot food.

63. Damage to the teeth can spread to the throat and at times affect the heart. Therefore, teeth should always be kept clean.

64. Drinking tea and coffee frequently is like brushing your teeth. Avoid drinking too much cold water.

65. The moment you eat hot food, if you change to district food, there will be damage to the body and teeth.

66. People who eat sweets are more likely to have tooth decay. Therefore, whatever you eat, your mouth should swell.

67. It is customary to apply mud to the tumors that appear on the face called acne. Herpes can be caused by a bacterial infection. It is better to use appropriate medications.

68. It is important to drink plenty of water to keep the skin young and without wrinkles. Depression, fatigue, tight clothing, alcohol, smoking, coffee are all skin villains.

69. Unwanted dirt stays on the skin and spoils its radiance and vitality. Therefore, it is necessary to wash and clean the face frequently.

70. If you have acne… immediately pinch fingers will flutter. But, it is dangerous. Makes the grooves on the face permanent.

71. People with diabetes can eat all types of greens, nuts and bananas. Dill is very good.

72. Salted pickles, eggs, waffles, should not be fried. Non-vegetarians can eat up to 100 grams per week. Only egg white is OK! This also applies to people with high blood pressure.

73. Mango, jackfruit, banana, raisins, sapodilla, and barley can be avoided. Palm jaggery, cashew nuts, honey, plantain, legume, panchamirtham should not be added at all.

74. Remove the stem and base of two or three vertebrae, scrape vertically and cover with tumbler water overnight. Drink only this water before breakfast, it will lower the sugar in just two weeks. This is the simple remedy of Western countries

75. Reducing body weight is the risk of abruptly reducing the amount of food eaten. The amount of sugar in the body varies and can lead to diabetes.


76. People with diabetes, TB, cancer, AIDS and those who take steroid pills have reduced immunity. They are easily infected. It is necessary to be cautious.

77. In case of vomiting, diarrhea and delay in going to the hospital, drink water mixed with sugar and salt immediately along with the water leaving the body.

78. Sudden fever in the middle of the night or during travel. Unable to see a doctor immediately. Don’t be idle for that. It is best to use a paracetamol tablet while at home or on the go. After that, it is best to see a doctor within 6 hours.

79. The ears should be cleaned twice a week with a thin cotton cloth. Avoid keys, hairpins, butts, etc. This is because the solid dirt will not come out unless the butt is pressed intact.

80. The immediate way to get rid of diarrhea is to just chew the guava leaves.

81. Do you have heartburn after eating...? It is enough to drink a little diluted water.

82. It is dangerous to stay in a sweaty dress. That alone can become a factor in infection.

83. Urine goes yellow even if you do not drink water for a long time.

84. In case of any injury or scratching on the body, injection (DT) should be given within 12 hours. This vaccine is not required for children up to the age of ten, who are at the time of vaccination.

85. By the way, those who are affected by Buddhism should see a doctor immediately without itching. Add more fiber to your diet. If constipation persists, it can be dangerous to the heart. Stop… watch out!

86. It is wrong to sit and eat everything under the patient's bed in the hospital, in the places that are found to be sidewalks. It does the job of carrying the germs in and out of each other.


87. Children and the elderly should not be taken to the hospital to see the patient at other times, except in unavoidable circumstances.

88. ‘Postmortem’ means that many people have some kind of fear and tension. Due to this, if you skip postmortem, you will face various problems. A compulsory autopsy in case of an unexpected death is good for everything. Only if there is a test report will there be no problem in getting all kinds of investments including insurance for heirs.

89. Amoebiasis is a contagious disease that can occur if the plate and tampers used in hotels and hostels are not washed properly and the green vegetables and fruits in the salad are not washed in clean water. Thus, the stool is excreted after eating. If left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path.

90. It is better to drink pure water without going for coffee and tea as often as ‘getting bored’.

91. Get up and walk from time to time without sitting in one place. Do not sit continuously for more than 45 minutes. Avoid using the elevator as much as possible.

92. Running is good exercise. But, don’t run around wearing black. Excessive heat in the body can cause problems. If it's winter time in Zulu, black is the specialty.

93. Those who work on computer should practice 20-20-20. The practice is to lighten the eye by looking at an object twenty feet away for twenty seconds, once every twenty minutes. Rinsing the eyes from time to time will also refresh them.

94. It is better to keep the windows open while cooking or to run the exhaust fan. Continuous inhalation of toxins emitted from cooking gas is dangerous to the lungs. Warning!

95. The mouth of those who regularly use betel-nut, tobacco, scab, smoke, etc., loses its softness on the inside and becomes fibrous. This can lead to oral cancer.

96. Being on an empty stomach for a long time after dinner will cause a lot of acid to be extracted. Therefore, it is mandatory to eat in the morning. If you get used to not eating properly, it can cause stomach cancer.

97. If you have to work late at night, do not go walking or jogging the next morning. It does more harm than good.

98. Allergies - If you have a disease like asthma, keep pets a little away. Cockroaches are a major cause of allergies.

99. It is better to have endoscopy if you have persistent ulcer trouble over the age of forty. Never touch fastfood varieties.

100. Unhealthy tattooing can make us sick of
others, so it is best to avoid tattooing...
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