Salah Al-din crushes the King of Jerusalem

Salah Al-din crushes the King of Jerusalem

Photo - the surrender of Guy of Lusignan Infront of Saladin at Battle of Hattin.

On 04 July 1187

Battle of Hattin in 1187 between the Muslim leader Salah al-Din (Saladin) and Crusaders. The Christians were defeated, ending the Latin occupation of Jerusalem and bringing about an effective end to the Christian occupation of the Jerusalem. Muslims recovered Jerusalem and other territories held by Christians. The loss of Jerusalem prompted the third Christian Crusade in 1189.

The battle took place near Tiberias in present-day Israel. The battlefield, near the town of Hittin, had as its chief geographic feature a double hill (the "Horns of Hattin") beside a pass through the northern mountains between Tiberias and the road from Acre to the east. The Darb al-Hawarnah road, built by the Romans, served as the main east-west passage between the Jordan fords, the Sea of Galilee and the Mediterranean coast.

at the Battle of Hattin, he encountered the combined forces of Raymond III of Tripoli and Guy of Lusignan, King Consort of Jerusalem. In this battle alone the crusader army was destroyed by the motivated army of Salahuddin.

This was havoc for the Crusaders and a turning point in World History. Reinald de Chatillon was captured by the Salahuddin and was personally responsible for his killing in retaliation for his attacking Muslim caravans.

The people of these caravans had, Idle, deprecate his mercy by telling the ceasefire between the Crusaders and the Muslims, but the Reinald de Chatillon ignored this and also insulted Islamic prophet, Muhammad, before killing and torturing a number of them. On this, Salahuddin wants to personally kill Raynald.
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