There are 14 million Jews. Of those, seven million are in the United States, five million in Asia and the Middle East, two million in Europe and one million in Africa.

There are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world population. Of that, one billion are in Asia and the Middle East, 400 million in Africa, 44 million in Europe and six million in the United States.

One out of every five people living in the world is a Muslim..!

Two Muslims in the world equal to one Hindu..!

Two Muslims in the world equal to one Buddha..!

107 Muslims in the world equal to one Jew..!

Muslims..! Why are you afraid to look at others, despite the large population.? Why are you lagging behind in education..!! Or why are the Jews more powerful than you.? If you hate the Jews, do not buy the goods of the Jews..! We have forgotten to explore the basics and the structures that gave rise to this monstrous development of theirs.
Why do Jews and Christians excel in education, employment, and career? What is the reason for them to develop themselves as intellectuals rather than Muslims.?

The disgrace of movements

The reason is the same..! That is because they are fully educated..!! Not only that..!! And even though intrigue is the motto for them, they do not fight openly between Muslims like they do..!

A thousand divisions among Christians..! Categories..!! Those who divide a scripture into several sections. But the goals remain the same..! They are more advanced than everyone else because they have educational institutions under their control.


There are no castes or sects in Islam which has only one scripture..! But within Tamil Nadu alone there are hundreds of congregations..! Movements..! Categories..! And divisions..! One Movement Against One Movement A Struggle For Day..!! A society that needs to develop knowledge in education is wasting their livelihoods by suing, beating, and fighting.

No matter how many big movements are active in Tamil Nadu, has any movement ever started and run an academy with medical, engineering and higher education as people say? (New collage, Crescent, Jamal muhammad, Seetakkadi, Aalim muhammad Salih, Danish, Vaniyambadi Hakeem)

It is an indisputable fact that the millions of movements that claim to be demonstrations, struggles, elections, campaigns, have gone incapable of thinking about the academies that will shape the future with far-sighted ideas.


From K. Veeramani of TK to Sankaracharya, there are educational institutes in Vallam and many other places. Did any Muslim movement think of seeing it..?
There are 5,758 universities in the United States alone.
There are 8,407 universities in India alone.
There are only 500 universities in total in 57 Muslim countries in the world..!


World-class, world-leading universities, none of which are in Islamic countries..! These have been surpassed by other universities due to the lack of quality upgrades. 90% of Christians in the world are literate.


Only 40% of Muslims are literate..!
The 15 countries with the highest number of Christians are 100% literate.


Not even one country has more Muslims !.
Countries with Christians have completed 98% of basic education.


Countries with Muslims have completed only 50% of basic education..!
40% of Christians go to universities.


Only 2% of Muslims go to university !.
There are 5,000 scientific researchers for every one million Christians in the United States.


From Muslim-majority countries, there are only 230 scientific researchers per million Muslims.
Of the one million Christians in the world, 1000 are technicians.


Overall in the Arab world, out of one million Muslims, only 50 are technicians.

Christians set aside 5% of total revenue for research and innovation.


Islamic countries allocate just 0.2% to this. In the last 105 years, out of 14 million Jews, 180 have received the Nobel Prize so far.


Out of a population of 1.5 billion Muslims, only 3 out of 3 Muslims have won the Nobel Prize so far..!

While the above statistics are loudly telling the plight of Muslims, they do not even have time to listen to it..! No mind..! Not caring..!!!

Disability of movements

Some of the Jewish inventions that changed the world:

Micro Processing Chip.- Stanley Mezor (Jewish)
Nuclear Chain Reactor - Leo Sziland (Jewish)
Optical Fiber Cable - Peter Schultz (Jewish)
Traffic Lights - Charles Adler (Jewish)
Stainless Steel - Benno Strauss (Jewish)
Sound Movies - Isador Kisee (Jewish)
Telephone Microphone - Emile Berliner (Jewish)
Video Tape Recorder - Charles Ginsburg (Jewish)

The best businesses run by Jews.

Polo - Ralph Lauren (Jewish)
Coca Cola - Jewish
Levi’s Jeans - Levi Strauss (Jewish)
Sawbuck’s Howard Schultz (Jewish)
Google - Sergey Brin (Jewish)
Dell Computers - Michael Dell (Jewish)
Oracle - Larry Ellison (Jewish)
DKNY - Donna Karan (Jewish)
Baskin & Robbins - Irv Robbins (Jewish)
Dunkin Donuts - Bill Rosenberg (Jewish)

The Jewish media that dominates the world through the media.

Wolf Blitzer - CNN (Jewish) Blogger’s Note:
Barbara Walters - ABC News (Jewish)
Eugene Meyer - Washington Post (Jewish)
Henry Grunwald - Time Magazine (Jewish)
Katherine Graham - Washington Post (Jewish)
Joseph Lelyeld - New York Times (Jewish)

So start learning yourself first..! Try to make your children and descendants educated. Always advance education. Do not compromise in any way in learning advanced education. If you do not try, your children will not try again..!

So let the Muslims be one..! Increase literacy..! Get it..!! Be the best in the world..! Although this is something that has been said for Muslims all over the world,

SriLanka Indian Muslims you too be aware..!! Because you too will be among the Muslims of the world...!!!
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