- I went to the competition because of poverty...!
- Ignore the critics...!!
- Palitha, equal to my father...!!!

You became rich overnight. Tell us about your family?

I have two sisters and a brother in my family besides my mother and father. Father Ilikidar. Has been home with diabetes for the past 5 years. Only the mother takes care of all the needs of the house.
The sisters were unable to stay in education due to economic hardship.
 I study high school. I am learning with dedication to overcome poverty and lighten the burden of motherhood.
I have come to this height today as part of that commitment.

What is the reason for the millionaire to attend the competition?

The reason for participating is family poverty. I need a laptop to attend online classes.
The father does not have the facility to do so. I did not ask the mother.
No money to buy a computer.
Doubt whether the purchase can be made on a monthly installment basis.
It was at this point that I took part in the competition.
I have been acting confidently since childhood. That hope was not in vain.

You talked too much about women’s rights. Have you talked a lot about the power of women?

Yes women should be given proper place everywhere.
Men are in higher positions.
This situation needs to change.
We need to put an end to gender inequality.
We must all live together as Sri Lankans.
Patriotism should be for everyone. We need to find an end to the discrimination and divisions that exist today.
Tomorrow's generation must live in unity.

How is it possible to be so proficient in the Sinhala language?

I studied in pre-school to Sinhala schools. I learned harmony in school as well as the Sinhala language.
It was my school that made me proud.
Although I choose the business category at a high level, I have an insatiable interest in Sinhala literature.
I will search and read literary texts.
Sinhala epics are wonderful and they should be passed on to future generations.

Some people compare you to Malala Yousaf.?

Even though I know about her I have never read her texts.
I am not Malala.
Her dedicated herself to popularizing her position.
I will strive to spread my position in the community.

Are you acting fairly without abusing the freedom your parents have given you?

I study with Sinhala sisters in Sinhala language school.
They will be very kind to me.
My mother would pick me up on motorcycles.
She will also take me to extra classes.
As well as the trust my parents have placed in me I have never violated.

Although many praise you, some criticisms do come. about that?

Yes. I knew that too. Some people were critical of me on social media.
Former Minister Palitha Thevarapperuma came looking for a house and gave me compliments and gifts.
His wife had also come. He was like a father to me.
Some have harshly criticized him for tapping me on the shoulder. My parents were there at the time.
He did not do so in the wrong direction. I do not think so.
No one who criticizes came to help when our family was suffering in poverty.
Today they are trying to smear me with mud in the name of religion.
I never gave up my religion for anything.
I do not take into account the accusations made by less than one percent of the 99 percent praising my skills. I do not consider it an obstacle to my progress.
They make me even more motivated.
I will not do anything contrary to my religion. I do not say or do anything that pressures me because of my religion.
I have never done anything against Islam in my personal life till now.
There is no obstacle in my way to move forward.
The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail.
Breaking through these barriers and moving forward is challenging.
I will not hesitate to give voice and front for it.

Sukra became famous overnight. Does this celebrity get in the way of your education?

Of course not. I grew up struggling since childhood.
We need to make further progress in the field of education and get better results.
I have to get over the difficulties of my parents. I will keep running until my ambitions are fulfilled.
This competition set the stage for my talent.
Use this as a stepping stone to achieve much more.

Do you know that you get compliments and gifts?

Yes many have been complimented in person and over the phone. Gifts are also available.
I even got the coveted laptop as a gift. I am overjoyed.
Some politicians even came and applauded. Even the monks praised me and I am proud to be a Muslim woman. Many people come in search of a home.
It is a matter of pride that everyone, irrespective of race or religion, celebrates this victory

Sukra's mother Issatul Fatima shared with us about her daughter's success.
This victory brings endless joy. Such a success has been achieved despite many obstacles and difficulties. There is hope that the hardships we have endured due to poverty will end. I just take my daughter to school and classes on a bicycle. Some will criticize this. They will ask if the Muslim woman is cycling like this. I don’t care about that. When it comes to general town matters I will do the forefront without being a woman.
I was at the forefront of even paving the way for the city. I will not be afraid or shy away from anyone.
That courage is the same for Shukra. Many have been praising the daughter’s success. Some people have been criticizing and condemning the video in connection with the Palitha Thevara.
It was in our presence that he filmed with our daughter.
We do not see it as wrong.
With good intentions he came and went to compliment our daughter heartily. Some have criticized this in the name of religion.
We are always subject to religion.
We do anything out of fear of the Lord. Sukra's mother concluded that only some people exaggerate when we as parents do not see it as wrong...
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