Muheed Jeeran
International Human Rights Activist

* The mortality of a biological entity must be absorbed by the soil which is the basic rule of the nature

* If burial of Covid dead bodies are not safe though no scientific evidence is found, Why our public servants failed to do research on safe burial for last 9 months even though WHO has permitted safe burial guidelines?

" Is there any contingency plan in place in case of cremation  resources are not enough to cope?

* Out of millions types in viruses in the environment only 6,000 virus species have been described in details.

* How Sri Lanka has disposed the 306 000 bodies who have died due to Spanish flu from 1918 to 1921

* What happened to 29 dead bodies including 5 pregnant mother died due to H1N1 Swine flu in Colombo in 2009?

Sri Lanka's health authorities denying the burials rights of people is unethical and unprofessional and they are clearly violating the fundamental rights of the tax payers. I have noted since they issued a circular and later gazzated on cremation is the mandatory for any person died with the infection of Covid 19. The whole world is aware that the COVID is not a killer virus unlike Ebola and the global  health establishment World Health organization has clearly issued a guideline to bury the deaths corpse of Covid 19. No country in the world amended that regulation but very unfortunately Sri Lanka removed the burial rights clause from the WHO guidelines.

 The reason of amendment by our authoritiies' argument that we are experiencing with an unknown virus and if the buried bodies are contaminated with the drinking water could be dangerous to the people. I am really shocked to see that such a knowledgeable group of people are lforwarding a baseless argument to deny the rights of the soil!! Soil is the sole authority of absorbing the objects of the nature. I am not arguing about the religious obligation of any community rather mankind can't take away the job of the soil.

Our earth is 6.5 billion year old and if you observe the soil process of nature it will become evident  that absorbs any corpse or objects to make dust to dust. The act of absorbent by the soil is time immemorial and cremation is the man made solution. A perfect example is the disposal of dead bodies in jungles by animals. Every man made process are amended time to time to the safety of the planet but burying never been amended as soil does the work with the rule of nature. Those days when someone died the wood is used for cremation of the body but now there is the use of incinerator to avoid the air pollution. Is there any change on burial methods in terms of decomposing the body by the soil? we don't need to as we mankind can't intervene cause it is not made by the mankind.

What are my Fundemental Rights in this case scenario?

I need these questioned to be answered by the health authority as I am a taxpayer I have all the rights to know that you can satisfy me or not!!

A Government official's duty is to be an officer to serve me with value for my tax money. Whenever they find difficulties to serve me still they can't just washed their hands without trying other alternative measures to find a way to satisfy me as long as it is not dangerous to another tax payer. Almost 9 months ago you straight away removed the burial clause of WHO recommendation and stated cremation is the only option.

I need to know from the health authority if the normal burial is dangerous though there is no scientific evidence been proven, then did you ever had any case studies to find an alternative burial solution by adding aditional safety measures with the traditional burial procedures to to make the burial more safer? If so we need these information in paper to satisfy us that  you have tried,  if not your decision is a purposeful intention to denying my rights.

I want to know from them what are the preparation you made to face if the pendamic triggers unimaginable numbers of deaths? If you are continue to the cremation do you have enough resources? If not what plan you have already in place? If the mass burial is the option then how you have planned to bury? These are not future strategies rather it should be already in your table otherwise you are violating my fundamental rights.

There are more than 6,000 virus species have been described in detail of the millions of types of viruses in the environment. Viruses are found in almost every ecosystem on Earth and they are the most numerous type of biological entity. Every pendamic is triggered by new virus and Sri Lanka had virus attacks to human in the past and there were deaths too. Every biological entity is mortal and it finally rest with a soil. Is there are any environmental mechanism to safeguard the soil without been contaminated with water when these biological living beings are dying with the viruses?  Does these ecologist having a research paper to protect human from these unknown viruses if it is contaminated with water? When a human dies the cause is known but any other living beings dies generally cause is not known to mankind.  

Sri Lanka lost 306 000 lives or approximately 6·7% of the population for Spanish flu pendamic from 1918 to 1921. According to two observations from Langford and Storey's that the influenza entered Sri Lanka simultaneously from two points — Colombo on the southwestern coast and Talaimannar on the northwestern coast.  Were these bodies burnt or buried? obviously we didn't have a chamber cremation resources during that time and many bodies were buried as we were a colony of British.  Have  our health authorities ever identify those burual sites as exclusive areas after pre independence era? If they are serious about the water contamination safety then they would have done a research on that too!!

About a decade ago there were at least 29 people have died from swine flu in Sri Lanka including 5 pregnant mother. Most of the deaths occurred in Colombo. We want to see the circular that our authorities have taken what measure to destroy the corpse in order to save the others from virus contamination?

My observation to the health authorities to be more pragmatic on decision making without listening to those pseudo scientists who adamant in their opposition to burial. Finally an individual has two choice of last rites and it is the moral responsibility of the state to comply with this without violating his or her personal rights.  

Muheed Jeeran
International human rights activist
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