Who is this Charles Kushner?, Who is this Jaret Kushner?

Who is this Charles Kushner?
Who is this Jaret Kushner?

Charles Kushner, Donald Trump's public pardoner, He is the father of Jaret Kushner Donald Trump's daughter, a trained proportional prostitute, husband,

He is an Israeli Jew and an American citizen

After the overthrow of Santam in Iraq on that day, while he was the chief executive of the US private terrorist military organization in Iraq, he was convicted of the rape and murder of several Arab mothers, in which he was convicted of a major crime and imprisoned for a long time. Note in the details below that it is contrary to moral values ​

He is none other than Donald Trump's teenage friend.

The same Jaret kusherin boy Charles Kushner has been appointed by Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman as his adviser on Saudi security

Trump apologized to Jared Kushner's father yesterday. In addition to tax evasion and other crimes, Charles was accused of sending a prostitute to his own brother-in-law, recording the encounter, and sending the tape to his sister as a way to punish his brother-in-law for collaborating. Lawyers. You can imagine the training Kushner must have received from his father and the tactics he must have used to gain Muslim countries to normalize relations with Israel!
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