Attacks on Sri Lankan Muslims have been going on for 123 years. Are the initiators Catholics?

Attacks on Sri Lankan Muslims have been going on for 123 years. Are the initiators Catholics?

1896 - Chilaw Rebellion (Muslim-Catholic)

1900 - The ‘Sinhala Mahabodhi Sabha’, founded by the infamous Dharmapala, begins a vicious campaign against Muslims.

1905.05.02 - Jaffna Muslim

Attorney Abdul Qadir was released from the court by a judge because he went to court (wearing a hat) with the identity of a Muslim. ("Turkish hat struggle" - the first and last struggle for the rights of Sri Lankan Muslims)

1915 - The first political and religious riots in the history of Sri Lanka begin in Kandy. The economy of Muslims has been paralyzed by racists across the country.

1948 - Sri Lankan Prime Minister D.S. Senanayake implemented Sinhala settlements in Muslim areas to limit the population distribution of Sri Lankan Muslims.

1972 - Madawala riots

1974 - Shops, mosques and houses are set on fire in the Muslim village of Bangaragammana in Mahiyangana.

In 1976, police shot dead seven Muslims who had entered a mosque in Puttalam.

1980 - A Muslim is shot dead at the Kompani Street mosque.

1982 - The entire village is evacuated to Galle.

1985.08.07 - Massacre at Alawakai Mosque in Mannar

1985 - Tamil-Muslim riots in Eravur

1989 - Sammanthurai Tamil-Muslim riots

1989 - Aruppalai school riots

1990.07.12 - The LTTE killed and buried 68 Muslims who had returned from completing the Hajj.

1990.07.30 - 14 Muslims shot dead by LTTE in Akkaraipattu.

1990.08.01 - (Beginning of 'Red August')

In Akkaraipattu, 8 Muslims were massacred by the LTTE.

1990.08.03 - Kattankudy mosque massacre - 147 people, including 25 children, were massacred by the LTTE while Muslims were conducting night prayers.

1990.08.05 - In Mulliyankat, Ampara, 17 Muslim farmers were massacred by the LTTE.

1990.08.06 - 33 Muslim farmers massacred by LTTE in Ampara.

1990.08.12 - 4 Muslim farmers killed by LTTE in Samanthurai.

1990.08.12 - Eravur Massacre - The LTTE infiltrated the border villages of Eravur and massacred 129 people, including 36 women and 60 children.

1990.08.13 - 9 Muslims massacred by LTTE in Vavuniya.

1990.08.15 - Tigers enter a Muslim village near Aranthalawa, Ampara and shoot 9 Muslims.

1990.09. - By the Tigers

More than 50 Muslim youths and businessmen were abducted for ransom. Some were released after receiving bribes on Kodik's account, and many were killed.

1990.10.- - From Jaffna, Mannar, Mullaitivu, Kilinochchi and Vavuniya

Northern Muslims forcibly evicted 72,000 people from their hometowns and forcibly snatched everything from their hometowns at gunpoint, except their clothes and dignity.

1992.04.29 - Destructive attack - 56 Muslims killed by LTTE.

1992.07.15 - 22 Muslims were killed and killed in a bus hijacked by the LTTE in Krankulam.

1992.10 15 - School massacre - About 187 people were killed by the LTTE in the villages of Akbarpuram and Ahmedpuram.

1994 - Ukraspitiya riots

1997 - Peradeniya school riots

1998 - Kandy Line School Issue

1998 - Galagedara-Madike riots

1998.05.02 - Welimada riots

1998.05.08 - Dikwella riots

1999.02.14 - Nochchiyagama riots

1999 - Violence in Pannala

1999 - Miyella riots

1999 - Badulla Hijab Issue (Tamil-Muslim)

2000.07.19 - Wellampitiya riots

2000.08.17 - Pallegama riots

2000.09.16 - Leader MHM Ashraf's (mysterious) plane crash survivor day - Sri Lankan Muslim people orphaned again

2000.12.04 - Tihari riots

2000.12.15 - Koppeykana riots

2001.04.16 - Vatteniya riots

2001.04.20 - Mawanella riots

2001 - Vacancy-bound riot

2002.07.31 - Kotta Mulla riot

2002.10.25 - Malikawatta riots

2002.11.17 - Madurankuzhi riots

2002 - Beruwala clashes erupt.

2005.12.05 - Two Muslim fishermen were shot dead by unidentified persons in Maruthamunai that night.

2006.08.04. - Muttur Muslims evacuated - Three days before the eviction, the LTTE infiltrated Muttur Muslim settlements and used people as shields to attack the army. As a result, the lives and property of innocent Muslims were deliberately destroyed and they were forced to flee. The LTTE then diverted the evacuees to their respective areas and shot them. At the same time, refugee Muslims were killed as planned in a cell attack on the LTTE by the military. The escapees were then buried in the mud in the swamps and died.

2009.03.10 - LTTE suicide bomber kills 14 at Meeladun Nabi festival in Agurassa, Matara.

2011.09. - Monuments including the tomb of the centuries-old Muslim Periyar belonging to the ancient Muslims in the Ottuppallam area of ​​Anuradhapura district were demolished by the Buddhist clergy with the protection of the police.

2011.11.09 - Batticaloa Kalliyankadu Muslim Colony 'Birtles' Mosque which had been in existence for many years has been converted into a 'Brahma Kumaris' Center.

2012 - With the blessing of the government, the extremist communal organization "Bodu Bala Sena" emerges with the sole aim of carrying out anti-Muslim propaganda.

2012 - The resettlement problem of Muslim villages in Mannar and Musali - The LTTE annihilated and displaced Muslims from Marikukkatti, Palaikuzhi, Karadikuzhi and Kondachchi, who had to be resettled in their territory after the end of the war, the government declared the areas as Wilpattu National Sanctuary and displaced the people again.

20.04.2012 - The Hyria Jumaah Mosque in Dambulla was attacked. The attack was carried out by a group led by Inamaluwa Sumangala Thero, the head priest of the Rangiri Rajamaha temple in Dambulla.

2012.05.25 - A protest led by Buddhist clergy demanding the removal of the Tarur Rahman Mosque on Kalvihara Road in Dehiwala and an attempt to attack the mosque.

2012.05.28 - Protest led by Buddhist clergy at Umar ibn Qattab Quran Madrasa in Aryan Sinhala, Kurunegala District, and prayers were stopped there.

2012.07.24: - Buddhist clergy led a demonstration in Teduru Oyagama Darul Akram Takiya in Kurunegala district to stop the night time prayers and to stop conducting prayers.

2012.07.26 - The government has officially stopped conducting prayers at the Darul Akram Quran Madrasa in Peiris Mawatha, Dehiwala, Colombo District.

2012.07.29 - Demonstration led by Buddhist clergy to hold night prayers at Jamiuth Darul Iman Mosque in Rajakariya Obe Sekarapura, Colombo District and prayers were stopped there.

2012.08.30 - Some Buddhists who entered the Wellampitiya Kokilawatta mosque in Colombo district warned that the mosque would be attacked.

2012.10.27 - Anuradhapura district Malwathu Oya Lane mosque set on fire by Buddhist extremists.

2012.11.30 - An anti-Muslim rally was held at Maharagama Navinna Rajamaka Vihara in Colombo District. The rally was held on the pretext that Buddhist monuments were being destroyed by Muslim extremists in the east.

2012.12.03 - Deliberately served pork curry to Muslim students studying at Kundakasala Agricultural College, Kandy District.

2012.12.08 - Posters against Muslim traders and anti-text messages were sent through mobile phones in Kandy district.

2012.12.23 - Two Muslim businessmen were attacked by Buddhist extremists in Embilipitiya, Ratnapura district. An anti-Muslim protest also took place on the 24th at the same place.

2012.12.24 - A poster and a pamphlet were issued by Buddhist extremists urging them not to rebuild the mosque located in Mahiyangana, Badulla district.

07.01.2013 - Demonstration led by Buddhist clergy to evict long-lived Muslims from Malwattu Oya Lane, Anuradhapura District.

07.01.2013 - A demonstration led by Buddhist clergy took place in front of the Colombo Law College demanding the reduction of the number of Muslim students selected for the Colombo District Law College.

2013.01.19 - Protest led by Buddhist clergy to close the famous ‘Nolimit’ mall owned by a Muslim trader located in Maharagama, Colombo District. Attempts were made to attack and destroy it.

20.01.2013 - Anti-Muslim posters and pamphlets were pasted in the new town of Anuradhapura district. An untrue report was spread that sterilizing chemicals were being added to food prepared for Sinhalese in Muslim hotels and therefore the need to stop dining in Muslim hotels.

2013.01.22 - General Mosque warns that all newly constructed mosques in Colombo are the cradle of jihad.

2013.01.23: Buddhist clergy attacked and damaged a Muslim hotel in Beruwala, Kalutara district.

2013.01.24 - A demonstration against Muslims took place in Kuliyapitiya, Kurunegala district. During this time the drawing of 'Allah' in the form of a pig was carried away.

2013.02.01 - Kandy District Kandy 'Siddhi Lebbai Mawatha' (name plate removed with ink coating) renamed as 'Vidyartha Mawatha'.

07.02.2013 - The year 2013 has been declared as the year of elimination of 'Halal' by the General Force. It also said that it had received the blessings of the President of Sri Lanka to continue its activities.

09.02.2013 - A protest against Muslims led by Buddhist clergy took place in Warakapola, Kurunegala district.

10.02.2013 - A person who went for Subah prayers was attacked in Narammala Horambawa area in Kurunegala district.

2013.02.11 - Anti-halal posters were pasted in Rambukkana area in Kurunegala district.

2013 .02.11 - Muslim traders in Narammala town in Kurunegala district received a threatening letter entitled 'Death to Para Thambia by March'. The letter was addressed to the Union of Buddhist Organizations.

2013.02.12 - The general public has compared the Sinhala Buddhists to the rubber trees in the 'rubber plantation' and the minority Muslims to the small plants grown in the garden.

2013.02.13 - Four shops belonging to Muslims were broken into at Siyambalagaskoduwa Clinpola in the Narammala Police Station in Kurunegala District.

2013.02.14 - Minister and JHU leader Champika Ranawaka warns that "halal" recognition should be abolished before the coming New Year.

14.02.2013 - Leaflets against Muslims distributed by the General Brigade in Digana, Kandy District.

2013.03.04 - Unidentified assailants attacked the Juma Mosque and the Oppanayaka Mosque in the Mahara Prison premises.

2013.03.11 - The All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama Council declared that "halal is not for domestic but only for foreigners" due to the machinations of the BBS.

2014.06.16 - Aluthgama riots - Innocent Muslims were brutally attacked by the BBS racist organization in the name of the police. 4 Muslims were killed and more than 80 were injured. It is noteworthy that this was the culmination of a coup d'tat.

2014.12.05 - Tension prevails in the Vattamadu area of ​​Thirukovil following the attack on three Muslim farmers by some people.

Within a month of President Maithripala Sirisena coming to power on 22.02.2015, a Quran Madrasa was demolished by racists in a small town in Polonnaruwa, his own constituency.

On 30.05.2015, the Jamiul Albar Juma Masjid in Boralai, Colombo was attacked.

2015.07.07 - Suddenly a Buddhist obelisk was erected on the top of the clock tower in the Muslim area under the Akkaraipattu Municipal Council. The Muslim people were like a dumb dream.

2015.07.16 - Three youths who went to Ibbamugawa, Bakmigolla Juma Mosque for Tharawih prayers were beheaded. Three more youths were severely attacked.

2015.09.06 - During a question and answer session for converts organized by SLTJ in Hemmatagama, members of the BBS intervened and stopped the event and threatened to kill and confiscated religious books.

2016.01.07 - Wellampitiya, Polwatta Masjidul Noor Mosque was attacked by Muslims chanting "Singa Lay" (Sinhalese Blood) after returning home after performing Isha prayers.

2016.03.13 - Issuance of a restraining order for the construction of a mosque on the 20 ft road in Welisara, Wattala.

2016.03.16 - The Balangoda Geelani (Koorakala) mosque, which was settled during the Mahinda regime, was threatened by armed Sinhala extremist groups in violation of a court order and a police order to remove the mosque.

2016.05.28 - Colombo - Kandy main road, Nelundeniya mosque bombed.

2016.06.04 - Buddhist monks gathered in Ampara and banned the construction of new mosques in Male Colony.

2016.06.07 - Construction work of the minaret (tower) of the Kandy Line School gate located 200 meters away from the Dalada Maligawa has been banned.

2016.06.16 - The minaret of the Warakapola mosque was threatened by the Buddhists not to be built higher than the Warakapola Devagiri temple.

2016.07.01 - In Akurana, Alawathugoda area, racists who came in a three wheeler near the Malkammandeniya Jumma Mosque threw away the body parts of a pig and fled.

2016.07.16 - A 3 phase transformer and water container (bowser) of Al Hamidiya Arab College located in Habukastalawa were set on fire by racists.

2016.08.06 - The racists entered the Boralesgamuwa mosque and attacked and damaged the property.

2016.08.08 - In good governance for the expansion of the Pathia Mosque in Dehiwala, the police banned the Tharawih prayers of the Muslims during the month of Ramadan.

2016.08.21 - Masjidul Jalalia Mosque in Puttambai within the Akkaraipattu metropolitan area of ​​Ampara district was attacked by Tamil racists.

2016.08.24 - The racists went door-to-door campaigning and distributing leaflets demanding that the majority ethnic group seize the playground belonging to the three Muslim schools in the Giriyulla Education Zone.

2016.08.26 - Muslim journalist (BBC and Independent) Barhan Nizamuddin Galle - Thalapitiya, Abdul Wahab was stabbed to death in Mawatha.

2016.09.05 - Jaffna. The prayer room of a university Muslim student was attacked.

2016.09.12 - Pilmadulla, Panchankoda has banned the offering of Qurban on the day of Hajj festival from that day.

2016.09.17 - Racists attacked the Kalhinna school and its adjoining Muslim houses and damaged their vehicles.

2016.09.22 - Mallikas Sari Trade Center owned by a Muslim trader was burnt to ashes in Aluthgama.

2016.10.02 - Madambai Muslim Land Acquisition Scheme launched.

2016.11.03 - An organization called Sinhale has publicly threatened to kill Muslims in front of the media.

2016.11.04 - Educational attack on Theliyakonna mosque.

2016.11.06 - 6 petrol bombs were hurled at a mosque in Nikaweratiya

2016.11.15 - Thambalagamam, Mullipothanai Muhaidin Jummah Masjid was attacked.

2016.11.15 - Gnanasara warns that Malikawatta, an area inhabited by Muslims, will be flooded with blood.

2016.11.18 - Justice Minister Vijayadasa makes a false allegation in Parliament that 32 Muslims who went to Syria from Sri Lanka have joined ISIS.

He also publicly criticized the Tabligh Jamaat, Tawheed Jamaat, Sunnat Wal Jamaat and Jamaat-e-Islami.

2016.11.19 - Leaflets were issued by Sinhala racist movements against popular Muslim businesses such as NOLIMIT, FASHIONBUG and ETISALAT and a rally was held against the trade of Muslims. The name plate of the Kandy Line School was damaged and the Buddhist flag was hoisted

FASHIONBUG caught fire a few hours after the leaflet was released.

2016.11.25 - Attack on the Maha Heenatiyangala Divisional Mosque in Kalutara.

2016.12.01- Unidentified persons entered the Panichchankulam iconic mosque in Trincomalee and set fire to 42 copies of the Quran.

2016.12.06 - Students appearing for the Ordinary Level Examination at Thanneerru Primary School under the Mullaitivu Zonal Education Division have been barred from appearing for the examination wearing burqa.

2016.12.06 - Muslim students appearing for the Ordinary Level Examination at Mullipottana Sinhala Maha Vidyalaya were suddenly harassed by the supervisors belonging to the majority ethnic group regarding the writing of the examination.

2016.12.18 - Muslim students appearing for the Ordinary Level Examination at Panadura Balika School were forced by the supervisor to remove the burqa and not to wear the burqa for the next day's examination.

2016.12.29 - The 250 year old Amirul Jabbar Hamidani Mosque area was declared as an archeological site at Button in the Tirukoil section and no outsider (even Muslims) was allowed to enter the mosque.

2017.01.18 - Aqsa Masjid in Eravur, Thamaraikeni was demolished and set on fire.

2017.01.21 - Controversy erupted over the sudden installation of a Buddha statue on land (owned by a Muslim) where a mosque was to be built in the Gelioya area of ​​Kandy.

2017.02.09 - Muslim shops closed after Muslim gangs threatened to close Muslim shops in Dambulla.

2017.03.21 - 150 well run Muslim rice mills in the Muslim Colony in Polonnaruwa were pulled down and closed.

2017.03.22 - The monks who went from Colombo to Nochchiyagama made many threats to the Muslims.

2017.03.30 - Gazette issued allocating one lakh acres of land for the Forest Department covering the Muslim settlements in Musali area.

2017.04.18 - Petrol bomb attack on Muslim shops in Godapitiya Borvai town.

2017.04.18 - The security wall of a ciaram located inside the security zone of the Galle Army Camp in Galle was damaged.

2017.05.16 - Muttur - A monk confiscated the land of the Muslim people living in the Selvanagar area, claiming that it belonged to the temple.

Then, homes were raided by unidentified individuals and about 1000-1200 Muslims were evicted from the area.

2017.10.29 - Muslim shopkeepers who were doing business in Gron market were chased away from there.

2017.11.17 - Violence in Galle, Kintota - Planned violence unleashed on Muslim population led by Buddhist monks. Large quantities of property and possessions were damaged.

2018.02.23 - Ampara school gate and shopping malls were broken into by Sinhala gangsters.

2018.03.05 - Kandy riots (Digana-Teldeniya) - With the help of social networking sites and under the leadership of some racist Buddhist clergy and irresponsible security forces, the Muslims of Kandy and their properties and mosques were attacked frantically.

May 13/14, 2019 - Buddhist gangs attack Muslim property in several Muslim villages in Kurunegala, Negombo and Chilaw Minuwangoda. 457 Muslim families were affected.147 houses, 132 shops, 52 vehicles and 29 mosques were attacked and damaged.One Muslim was killed.
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