Two Bodies of Muslims Cremated as Corona are Now Reported Missing as Corona in Sri Lanka

Two Bodies of Muslims Cremated as Corona are Now Reported Missing as Corona in Sri Lanka.

The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka has said that the provision of cremation of corona virus victims is unacceptable.

Accordingly, if a person is infected or suspected of having died of the corona virus, it is not necessary to cremate his body. This cannot be attributed to public health. Therefore, the Human Rights Commission has stated that it is unacceptable to restrict religious beliefs in this regard.

The Human Rights Commission has also pointed out that the removal and cremation of bodies before the end of the testimony and the failure to provide access to the final rites in accordance with security regulations are also human rights violations.

As of November 09, 2020, there are 35 crematoriums based on corona deaths. Of these, 17 cremations involved the bodies of Muslims. In some cases, the corpses were forcibly taken from the houses to the Colombo National Hospital during the deaths at home.

The Human Rights Commission said it had received complaints that PCR tests were sometimes carried out on the bodies of the dead.

Accordingly, PCR test results were obtained within 72 hours after death.

The commission also noted that the names of two Muslims who were cremated in connection with the corona death have now been removed from the corona death list.

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