A Girl is Selling Books, Meanwhile, She Sees Her Boyfriend Coming Towards Her...

A Girl is Selling Books,

Meanwhile, she sees her boyfriend coming towards her... Meanwhile, her father is standing nearby.

She turned to her boyfriend: Did you come to pick up Shakespeare's book "Is Dad at Home?".

The young man replies: No, I came to pick up Thomas Hernner's book "Where I Want to See You".

The woman says: I do not have that book, I can pick up the book titled "Under the Tree" written by American author Patrice Oliver.

The young man says: Well, can I bring Belgian writer John Bernard's book "I'll call you after 5 minutes" to college tomorrow?.

The woman says: Don't forget to bring French writer Daniel's book "I Will Never Give Up On You" when it comes out tomorrow!!.

After a while...

The girl's father says: There are a lot of books and can he read them all by himself?.

The woman says: Yes, he is a great reader and reads a lot.

The father answers: Daughter! I understood. But he must read the book "I'm not stupid I understand everything" by Dutch writer Frank Martinez.

He also said that you have bought for yourself the book "You will marry your uncle's son" written by Russian writer Maurice Henry for you to read.

Smile... it's a Sunnah (Prophet Teachings) of Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). Share and make a one Smile💚

❝One who guides to something good has a reward similar to that of it’s doer.❞
 [Sahih Muslim Vol: 3, No; 4665]

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