"Abdul Sattar Edhi came from a poor family. Almost illiterate growing up, not able to go to any University, and working as a poor factory worker, he decided at the age of 20, one year after his beloved mother died,

To make a difference in the world. Not having anything to give, he gave his love and service and dedication. He says of his own experiences, "I didn't want to beg to get money; I wanted to teach my people to be generous on their own."

And that is exactly what happened. For decades, he slowly created a name for himself as being the one who would take care of any abandoned child, or help any sick person, or take care of any impoverished family, without concern as to the creed, color, religion or race of the one in distress. Eventually,

Money came to him from all places in the world, and all of it he gave back, wrapped in his love and served with his dedication. His simple lifestyle is a manifestation of that sincerity.

To the day that he died, he owned but two garments. As far back as I can remember, I always heard his name mentioned with the utmost of honor and respect, amongst all of my family and circle of friends, in gatherings public and private.

And today, as we all mourn his death, and pray that Allah (God) blesses him and exalts his ranks, we see truly what inspires people to love.

We see the single sure way to earn the genuine respect and admiration of humanity, and, we hope, rewards with the Divine.

It doesn't matter whether your Sunni or Shi'a, Salafi or Sufi, Barelwi or Ahl-e-Hadis, Christian or Muslim, Pakistani or Arab.

Today, all that knew him and his works and I mean ALL that knew him and his works mourn his loss together.

Helping others selflessly is the language of all religions and peoples, and it is the essence of true spirituality.

What a giant amongst men, and how immense the vacuum that he has left for us to attempt to fill!

May Allah (God) reward you, Abdul Sattar Edhi, for all that you have done, and for showing us that humans such as yourselves living, walking saints can exist."

❝One who guides to something good has a reward similar to that of it’s doer.❞
 [Sahih Muslim Vol: 3, No; 4665]

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