INSPIRATIONAL STORY, He was the only man with whom she wanted to live under one roof in a Halaal (Accepted) manner


He was the only man with whom she wanted to live under one roof in a Halaal (Accepted) manner of course. Or that was what she thought in the beginning.

He is the brother of her friend. She saw him for the first time, the day she visited her friend to study with her.

He was a handsome, elegant young man and gentle with everyone around him. At that time, she really didn't care if he prays or not, If he fasts or not, if he obeys his Lord or not! All that she cares about is: him!

After all, at that time, she wasn't close to her Lord. She didn't notice the purpose of life or why she was created. She didn't know that not only a Muslimah has to lower her gaze in front of the opposite sex but also has to keep her heart for a righteous man and to preserve it from these kind of feelings which rejoice Shaitan (Evil).

She knew from the beginning that he doesn't represent the good practicing Muslim man especially that he has a girlfriend as his sister told her once: "I always tell him that having gf/bf in Islam is Haram (Prohibited)" said his sister, but he told me that they (he and his gf) are not "crossing the limits"! May Allah (God) guide them both to what pleases HIM.

That he wasn't a practicing Muslim man didn't really surprise her more than the righteousness of his sister, her friend!

His sister was wearing the proper Hijab, so pious and a God fearing person. She used to always to advise her to wear Hijab and to pray on time.

One day, she gave her a CD and asked her to listen to it. It contained an Islamic lecture that changed her life forever!

It was talking about chastity, Hijab, death and meeting Allah (God)!

Few days later, she wore the proper loose Hijab and becomes a completely different person!

Before listening to that CD which woke her up from her neglectfulness, she used to pray but she wasn't praying on time.

Now she prays every Salah (Prayer) after hearing the Adhan (Calling for Prayer). Now, she even prays Nawafil and Qiyamullayl (night prayer)!

She became so righteous that her family calls her now "The Shaikh"! (Scholar)

Her friend, the young man's sister, was so happy for her. Few months later, she was at her friend's house, revising for exam with her.

After one hour of revision, her friend excused herself to go to the bathroom. After her friend left, she stayed alone in the room.

Suddenly, her friend's brother entered the room. "Assalamu Alaikum" (Greeting) said the young man smiling to her.

"Wa Alaikum Assalam" (Replying for Greeting) she replied lowering her gaze, shocked and not believing that he was actually talking to her!

"I am sorry, I didn't mean to scare you, but I want to talk to you about a very important matter."

After a moment of silence he added "My sister always talks to us about you how nice you are and how good Muslimah you are. Our family really loves you so much. Lately, my mom suggested that it's time for me to get married and my sister said that there is no better than you to be my future wife!"

In all her wildest dreams, she never imagined him saying that to her, suggesting that she becomes his wife!

"but I thought you have a girlfriend!" she told him with a shaking voice?

"are you serious!" he said laughing

"for me, gf is just a gf, never would be a wife! When a Muslim man wants to search for his other half, he should choose a good girl like you innocent and pure, a girl who would be pious wife and raise good children!",

Then he said with total confidence that she will accept his proposal: "I wanted to talk to you to know your opinion before my sister brings this subject to you. I know you will be a good wife for me as I dreamed of my future wife to be!",

She stood up saying with the same confidence: "I am sorry but you are not as I imagined my future husband to be!",

If she was the same girl she used to be in the past, she would accept his proposal immediately with no hesitation but now she is a totally different girl.

She added: "l want my future husband to be a practicing righteous man, who would lower his gaze from Haraam (Prohibited) and preserve his heart from Haraam (Prohibited). My future husband would never have a gf because he would be a God fearing person who keeps his heart only for me as I am keeping it only for him."

She went to the door and before going out she told Him: "They say if you want a Woman as pure as Maryam (Peace Be Upon Her) then you should be a Man as pure as Yusuf (Peace Be Upon Him)." She said that before leaving the room closing the door behind her.



❝One who guides to something good has a reward similar to that of it’s doer.❞
 [Sahih Muslim Vol: 3, No; 4665]

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