Assalamu Alaikum (Greeting) dearest one. I've been thinking long of how to write to you, whether it is worth doing, and whether you will be pleased with this act of mine.

After much thought, I realised that I could never properly thank you for everything you've done for me, as much as you deserve. I found this opportunity beautiful and I won't let it slip.

From the very first day we met, I could never imagine how much my life would be changed by the one who, blushing from shyness, forgot to greet me.

The first glance I caught of you on our wedding day, it was absolutely clear that you will never hurt me, a man whose face was lit up with a smile of joy and kindness is incapable of doing so. And so we live with you, as they say, in perfect harmony.

I got to think about what it means to live that way, a person who didn't love and wasn't loved could not understand it. But from the first day you surrounded me with care and love, didn't let me be sad over little things, and provided support in the hardest matters and decisions.

You always treat my parents with respect and hospitality, they have long had a feeling like they've known you forever.

You are a great father. Allah (God) gifted us with a wonderful son, and I hope he will have your character.

I am calm about his future, as since childhood you've taught all your numerous nephews and nieces obedience and trust in Allah Subhana Wa'ta'ala (God).

Throughout your life, you don't rest your hands and work hard for your family to never feel the need or hunger.

You learned well the lesson of our Rasulullah (Peace Be Upon Him): "Speak good or remain silent." Not a foul word fell from your lips, nor do you let others talk foul.

You never stint charity and you don't forget to make us happy too, you are very generous. You have always been generous with kind tender words, and you do not miss an opportunity to praise me even for the smallest virtuous deed.

Your praise is magical, it never brings a sense of conceit or pride to my heart, it is pure, and the only goal to which I aspire at such moments, is achieving the pleasure of the Almighty through your satisfaction.

All your life you try to raise the Sunnah (Teaching of Prophet) of our Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), oh how you try to be like the best of men.

You never leave a friend in need and reach out even to those who, it would seem, do not deserve even your scorn.

Anger does not take over you, you skillfully cope with it. I don't want to ever ever disappoint you with anything.

I remember that one time when sweat appeared on your face out of indignation, your fist clenched and knuckles turned white. but you breathed out and shook the anger off. It really was my fault that time. I decided that never again you will suffer from my harsh words and inappropriate behavior. How unbearably painful it was to see your disappointment, I can not let that happen again.

It barely fits in my head how you keep up with everything: making regular worship and working, keeping us happy and not depriving others of your attention... Allah (God) is merciful to me, He gave me the best of husbands. You can't imagine a better one.

I'm scared, I haven't told you, you are going through one of the toughest times in your life, but the Almighty is merciful, and He will not leave us now In Sha Allah (If God Wills).

You are very strong, please keep strong, we need you, be strong for the sake of Allah (God). Remember: "with hardship comes ease" In Sha Allah (If God Wills). I am not trying to advise you, just asking you to stay the same way that you are.

Thank you for every moment that you gave me, for every smile, for every bit of kind advice and every kind word. O Allah (God), save my beloved, give him the strength to cope with all the difficulties, please, guide him to the straight path, do not deprive him of Your contentment. Shukru (Thank) Allah (God), the heart is full of gratitude for all Your gifts that You have generously bestowed upon us.

❝One who guides to something good has a reward similar to that of it’s doer.❞
 [Sahih Muslim Vol: 3, No; 4665]

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