10 REASONS FOR HIJAMA (CUPPING)   Hijama The Forgotten Sunnah 1. Recommended by the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). 2. Commanded by the Angels. 3. Cleanses & detoxifies the body by ridding it of toxins. 4. Fastest and most effective way to detox. 5. Boosts Circulatory, Lymphatic, Immune systems. 6. Makes the body resistant to diseases. 7. Helps reduce pain and inflammation. 8. Helps reduce stress and aids relaxation. 9. Virtually painless with minimal side effects. 10. Aids dramatically with metaphysical issues. Hijamah is Beneficial for the Following : Fertility and hormonal problems, Back & shoulder pain, Sports Injuries, Sciatica & Disc problems, Arthritis & Rheumatism, Weight loss, Stomach & Colon Pain, Poor circulation, High blood pressure, Headaches & migraines, Depression & anxiety, Skin conditions, Fatigue & restlessness, Diabetes & Cholesterol, And much more…. “The best medicine with which you treat yourselves is cupping, or it is one of the be