One Prayer, That Will Solve All of Our Problems 01

One Prayer, That Will Solve All of Our Problems

Hello everyone. Greeting for you all. Today we are going to take look at One Prayer, That Will Solve All of Our Problems.

One of the most important secret ingredients that you and i need to be able to ask Allah (God) successful whatever we want and we all have things we want and those are secrets between us and Allah (God) but if you're really gonna be able to ask in a way that you're truely hopeful that Allah (God) will respond to what you're asking for, there are somethings that have to be in place and one of the most important things that the Quran keeps highlighting that has to be in place. Is that you and i have to ask Allah (God) to forgive us first. You have to ask him to forgive us first. 

Before you ask him anything else, anything else that you or i want we need to be able to genuinely ask Allah (God) to forgive us. And i'm saying today, people ask which Prayer can i make for forgiveness or what are the best words i can say for this Prayer, or you know people have Prayers for separate occasions so, when a woman is expecting she'll email me or come up to me and say look i'm gonna have a baby which Prayer can i make right now. Or somebody will say i'm going for a job interview which Prayer can i make right now. It's always this give me the special Prayer for the special occasion. Let me tell you those words are important because they're secred and they're revealed.

But the Prayer for all occasions?

Its actually seeking Allah's (God) forgiveness. The Prayer to get rid of all of your problems the one Prayer that takes care of everything. Is genuinely seeking Allah's (God) forgiveness.
Nuh (Peace Be Upon Him) invites his people you know for over nine centuries. He's doing constant dawah (Calling for Right Path) to them, and at the end of the career he looks back and he summarizes the message that he was trying to give them, of course he didnt have one speech with them. He didnt talk to them once or twice. night and day, he didnt even take nights off. He's constantly inviting them and in a surah dedicated to his name. Surah Nuh, the surah of Nuh (Peace Be Upon Him) he himself summarizes the entire message he was given his people this whole time.

What is it that i want from you?

(Inni kullama da'awthuhum lithagfira lakum) Everytime i was inviting them, i was only inviting them calling them to this faith so you could forgive them ya rabb (God). And then literally he says here's how i invited them this is what i exactly said to them over and over and over again, i said seek forgiveness of your master!. 

Certainly Allah (God) is someone who keeps on forgiving,... keeps on forgiving,... and keep forgiving. And he does it repeatedly. But what he says after that is so remarkable. He said, you people and i need you to understand who is talking to. He's talking to one of the worst nations in history. Nuh (Peace Be Upon Him) is described as one of the worst nations of all the nations. places like surat Al Qamar where Allah (God) describes different nations or even surat Al Dhariyat. Allah (God) describes different nations of the past that rebelled against Allah (God) that rebelled against the prophets, and were destroyed 

when he gets to Nuh (Peace Be Upon Him) nation what does he say?

The nation of Nuh from much before, they certainly were more wrong doing and more rebellious than everyone else like he has the worst condemination of the people of Nuh, it makes sense. They had a messenger not for one generation like every other prophets.
They had a prophet, 3 generations 4 generations. Every century every 2 decades there's a new generation of kids, that have grown up. And he seen that century after century, after century, after century. He seen 40-50 generations of people and they've all rejected him. And he's making the same invitation to all of them. So i'm not.. the reason i've brought this up is for a purpose. He's talking to very bad people. He's talking to the worst of the worst. 

What offer does he make to them?

He says, seek forgiveness of your master. He keeps on forgiving over and over and over again. You guys have been messing up over and over again Allah (God) keeps forgiving over and over again. But his offer doesn't stop there, he says what that means is, if you seek his forgiveness, then Allah (God) will open up the sky for you. And it will start pouring on you. Now that could be a reference to rain. That could be a reference to rain, and ironically it's not a reference that you will get flooded, they did get flooded right. They did get flooded but Allah (God) is talking about a different kind of rain now.

If you seek forgiveness, that same rain that destroyed them will be the rain the brings them life. They didnt pray for rain. They didnt ask for rain, Allah (God) just asked them to make dua (Prayed) to be forgiven. But if you asked dua  (Prayer) to be forgiven the sky will open up and start pouring. Now Allah (God) did not say water will pour, he said the sky will pour because the sky has a lot more than water. The sky has forgiveness that comes from the sky. The sky has peace, tranquility, faith, your provision. The solution to your problems they come from the sky. He will open the flood gates and everything held from the treasures of Allah (God). That you haven't been getting because you haven't been seeking forgiveness is gonna open up.

Just ask for forgiveness.

You're asking to solve problem A, problem B, problem C. There are problems you don't even know you have. Allah (God) knows that you have them. If you and i just became genuine people of seeking forgiveness. Then those problems will start getting solved by divine intervention. 

And that's not even enough, you're asking forgiveness for who? Yourself and seek forgiveness for yourself, he says, and he will extend you, by giving you money and giving you children. He will further your good legacy with money and kids and it's not money that will lead you away from Allah (God). Because it's in the context of you seeking forgiveness.

He'll give you good money, that will lead to you doing more good. And benefit you in this worldly sense and in the akhirah (Hereafter) sense.

And he'll give you good children that will give you goodness while they're alive. They will respect you, show you love, obey you, make you proud, they will give you happiness when they're alive. And even when you're gone. They'll continue to do good deeds. That become a continuous investment for you after you're in your grave.

Allah (God) will give you all of these things, by the way this is the same two words, money and children, later on. They disobeyed me, and they only followed the people whose money and his kids do nothing but cause them more loss. Money and kids are a means of loss. But when money and kids come from Allah (God) after you seek forgiveness, they become gain. It's the same money and kids, the only difference is now they have the blessing of Allah's (God) forgiveness on top of them. It's like they were contaminated until Allah (God) purified them with his forgiveness. And look, seek Allah's (God) forgiveness.

What doesn't open up?

The sky opens up in way you can't imagine.


❝One who guides to something good has a reward similar to that of it’s doer.❞
 [Sahih Muslim Vol: 3, No; 4665]

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