Main Masjids (Mosques) In Islam

Main Masjids (Mosques) In Islam

The place of sujood plural is Masajid anothe name "Baithullah" (House of Allah (God))

Importances of Mosque
Surat Aa'la Imran-(96)
"Verily the first house founded for the good of mankind is the one at Bakkah (Makkah). It is the house Full of blessings and a means of guidances for all the people.

The first mosque build in Islam by the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). Is Masjidul Quba and the 1st mosque in madina.

The first and the most verses mosque in Islam is Masjidul Haram.

* Because the ka'bah is situated in masjidul Haram.
* The masjidul Haram is situated in the Balad ul Ameen (The most safest place).
* It is the only place turn towards Qibla (Prayer Direction), Tawaf and Sa'ee performed.
* It is the only place their is no time of forbiddition for ibadah. and their is no thahyatul Masjid.
* It is the only place for one single rakath 1 lakh reward.

Masjid - ul - Aqsa

* The second mosque in establishment is Al - Masjidul Aqsa. (Al - Baithul Mukaddas). Baithul Makdis, Masjid Al Qubbatus Sahra.

* The 2nd mosque build on the earth, Built by Hazrath Sulaiman (Peace Be Upon Him). With the help of Jins.

* It was a mosque towards which the night journey was made.

* It was the mosque from where the mihraj tool place.

* It is the mosque in surroundings of the mosque many graves of many Prophets are there (Ishaq, Yakub, Ibrahim, Yousuf) (Peace Be Upon Them).

* It is the mosque where the Mihrab Zakarriyyah is Situated (Mihrab of Zakariyyah (Peace Be Upon Him) ).

* It is the mosque musa (Peace Be Upon Him) prayed Allah (God) to
make his grave closer to the mosque because it Holyand scaredness.

* It is the mosque which is mention in Hadees (Prophet Teaching), one rakath is equal of soo rakaths and the third greatest mosque in virtues.

* It is the mosque wheather the ground of Mahshar accept to be.

* The mosque of first Qibla (Prayer Direction) of the muslims.

Masjidun Nabawi
Masjidun Nabawi is the third mosque in Islam and the second mosque in madina after masjidul Quba.

Virtues of Masjidun - Nabawi

1. The mosque which was built by prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him).
2. The mosque in which one rakah (Prayer) of thousand rakahs.
3. The mosque in which its coat yard the grave of the prophet is situated (Rawla Shareef).
4. The mosque which is known by the name harman nabi.
5. It is the mosque which the prophet said between my house and my member.
6. It is a mosque which is mention in the Quran as the one was founded on the "Taqwa" (Faith).

It is one of the three mosque which the prophet said "You Should not travel to visit other than this three places"


❝One who guides to something good has a reward similar to that of it’s doer.❞
 [Sahih Muslim Vol: 3, No; 4665]

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