As - Salath

As - Salath

The word salah means worship. Prayer
is the prime ibadah in Islamic obligation
This was made compulsory in the 16th
year of Nubuwwath on the night of
mihraj. First it was given as 50 times. Then
it was reduced to 5 times.

The prophet once asked his companions.
"Does your body contain any dirt if you
take bath from the stream that is
very close to your home five times a
doy ? They replied, 'no'. Then he said
that is the example of five time
proyers. Allah destroys all the sins
through this (Bukhari)

Salah cleanses men's heart. It is
also a means of having a connection
with Allah. It is a means of earning Allahs pleasure in the Hereafter

Salah is also a shield against sinful and shameful acts. One who disregard and leaves Salah becomes a kaflr Salah also wipes out small sins. As a result, we must give a lot of importance to this great act of worship and fulfil it with great favour.

Sharth of prayer (conditions)

1. Be a muslim.
2. Be a baligh (adolscent).
3. To know the farl prayer is farl.
4. Able to differentiate between farl and sunnah.
5. Should be free from defilement.
6. Cover the “awrath".
7. Praying on proper time.
8. Facing Qibla.
9. Keeping the niyyath (intention).

                                                                              Holy Quran (24:41)
"Do you not see that all that is in the heaven and the earth. even the birds that go about spreading their wings in flight. extol His glory? Each knows the way of its prayer and of its extolling Allah's glory. Allah is well aware of whatever they do."

Salah makes a man honest and purified. 
As muslims let us pray and earn the blessings of Allah. may Allah grant us the highest level of paradise. Aameen...


❝One who guides to something good has a reward similar to that of it’s doer.❞
 [Sahih Muslim Vol: 3, No; 4665]

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