Story of Zam Zam Water, Angel Jibreel Strikes The Ground, Zam Zam Miracle

 Story of Zam Zam Water, Angel Jibreel Strikes The Ground, Zam Zam Miracle

The prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) mentions hajar (May God Be Pleased With Her) running, you know from Safa to Marwa, running around, carrying her baby ismael (Peace Be Upon Him) looking for anyone to help her, she's in a abandoned placed, there is no one there. Right, and the prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) says, all of a sudden she heard a sound. She said come forth, if you have anything good to offer. So the prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) says suddenly it was Jibreel (Peace Be Upon Him). Then the prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said Jibreel did this. All he did was this. He struck the ground with his heel. This is called hadith Musalsal. Which means a hadith (Prophet Teaching) that has a signal in it, a hadith (Prophet Teaching) that has wasf.

He just struck the ground, so every narrator of this hadith (Prophet Teaching) had to do that by the way. Ibn Abbas said, he just did this and shuba said he just did this. Every single narrator says he just did this. When Jibreel (Peace Be Upon Him) did that. The water obviously started coming from the earth you know in huge loads. ZamZam comes bursting out of the ground.

And the prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said, may Allah (God) have mercy on the mother of ismail (Peace Be Upon Him). What she did was, she carved out the well. Because she was afraid that the water would go all over the place and nothing would be left. 
And the prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said had she not done that. Then the entire earth would of been touched by ZamZam. Each and every single part of the earth. Now Subhan'Allah (Glory to God) think about the miracle of ZamZam. Right,

You know how big it is in dimensions? 8ft by 3ft. Its only 8 by 3, if any of you have ever seen ZamZam ever gotten a chance to actually go down there and see it, it's only eight by three.

It's a very small well. If you see how they fill the coolers now in the Haram. They've got literally, they got hoses that are connected to ZamZam, and they're constantly filling up the coolers. All of that, till today, you are drinking from the foot of Jibreel (Peace Be Upon Him). From that moment that Jibreel (Peace Be Upon Him) did this. With his strength, Allah (God) has caused that well to constantly produce. Talk about a wander of the world. Now scientifically i need to mention this because this is phenomenal. ZamZam is only eight by three.

And an official research that was done on ZamZam. It pumps eight thousand (8,000) liters per second! That means six hundred ninety one million (691,000,000) liters per day! ZamZam. Think about how many millions of gallons. Subhan'Allah (Glory to God) !.
People are constantly drinking from it. It has never dried up, that's just from the strike of Jibreels (Peace Be Upon Him) foot. Ok, you're still drinking from it till now so that's your connection to Jibreel (Peace Be Upon Him). Until today, Subhan'Allah (Glory to God).

❝One who guides to something good has a reward similar to that of it’s doer.❞
 [Sahih Muslim Vol: 3, No; 4665]

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