It's a Mistake Pattern


Israel's Genocide Has Kept Over 715,000 Palestinian Students In GAZA Out Of The Classroom For Almost A Full School Year

For nearly 8 months, Israel has subjected Palestinians in Gaza—nearly half of whom are children—to some of the most brutal and inhumane violence in modern history. As they attempt to survive Israel’s genocide, students in Gaza have been forced out of schooling for nearly a full academic year.

Palestinian students should have spent this year learning, playing, and pursuing their passions. Instead Israel has starved, injured, displaced, and killed them and their families. They should be celebrating graduations. Instead, Israel is killing them as they seek safety and shelter in tents. Those who’ve survived until now are trying to stay alive as they mourn the loss of countless classmates, family members, friends, and loved ones.

Israel has destroyed all of Gaza’s universities and 80% of its schools. It has turned Gaza’s sites of learning into overcrowded shelters, forcing hundreds of Palestinian families to flee to them for survival. In these schools Palestinians hope for some semblance of safety – but Israel has bombed and invaded schools with hundreds of Palestinians sheltering inside.

While Palestinians have remained steadfast—teaching and learning in tents under Israel’s brutal bombings and siege—they want nothing more than to return to learn and live free from Israel’s oppression.


These headlines are just some of the deadly "
mistakes" Israel has admitted publicly. And perhaps the only reason why they have admitted to them publicly is because of the international condemnation or irrefutable evidence of Israeli atrocities?

How many more mistakes will the world tolerate until it begins to question the competency and intentions of this military and its conduct in this war?

What kind of a so-called modern civilized professionally trained and well equipped military would be committing so many unintentional mistakes if its rules of engagement did not allow for wanton attacks like those described and documented on Palestinians in Gaza?

What military in the world, that has self-admittedly killed fleeing hostages, it's own soldiers, innocent women and children can still be described as a "
moral army" while being unconditionally bank rolled by America and its allies?

How long can the U.S. which bankrolls and arms the Israeli military continue to ignore these mistakes let alone believe the justification for them? How many mistakes will the U.S. tolerate without any meaningful accountability?

Former US Presidential Candidate who was alsothe US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley,visited Israel and signed bombs destined for Gaza andLebanon with the words "
finish them."

Demand an immediate, permanent ceasefire now and a complete end to US funding and backing for Israel’s oppression of Palestinians.

Source: Reuters, theimeu, aymanm, zeenaaqel
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