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It seems that the Islamic states of the Arab world are now gradually following the West and getting rid of their traditional ideologies. In popular history, we have not heard of beauty queens from the Islamic states of the Gulf participating in the world pageants. Changing it, Lujane Yacoub from Bahrain entered the Miss Universe pageant last year. She is the first beauty to represent a Gulf Islamic State in this competition.

Foreign media had reported that a beauty will represent Saudi Arabia for the Miss Universe pageant to be held in Mexico this year. At 27, she is a Saudi model, Rumy Alqahtani. It is reported that she is a girl who has won many beauty contests in the Middle East region.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is the pioneer of the cultural changes that have been taking place in Saudi Arabia for about a decade. He was the one who confirmed the right of Saudi women to trade and to obtain driving licenses. In the same way, he was responsible for reopening cinemas in Saudi Arabia and opening a liquor store in Riyadh for diplomats. Foreign media have reported that this young woman will represent Saudi Arabia in this year's Miss Universe competition under his guidance.

Beauty Competitions : A Historical Perspective

Beauty competitions, often referred to as beauty pageants or contests, have a long history dating back to ancient times. The concept of beauty and the admiration of physical attractiveness have been integral parts of human culture for centuries.

Origins and Evolution

The origins of modern beauty competitions can be traced back to the 19th century, with the advent of beauty contests in Europe and the United States. These early contests were often part of larger cultural events, such as fairs and festivals, and were primarily focused on physical beauty and charm.

Global Popularity

Over the years, beauty competitions have gained immense popularity worldwide, with countries from every continent hosting their own national and international pageants. The most famous of these competitions include Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss Earth, which attract contestants from dozens of countries each year.

Oldest Beauty Pageant:
The oldest known beauty pageant is the "Most Beautiful Girl in the World" contest, which started in Belgium in 1888.

Miss Universe Titleholders:
The Miss Universe pageant has been won by women from diverse backgrounds. Notable winners include Dayana Mendoza (Venezuela), Leila Lopes (Angola), and Pia Wurtzbach (Philippines).
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