227 Children Were Sacrificed, The World's Most Brutal Sacrifice


Mass graves where a large number of children were buried are found in Huanchaco, a beach town north of the capital city of Lima in the South American state of Peru. Roughly 227 identified full-term children were buried there, and archaeologists say the number should increase after examining the scattered bone fragments. It has been observed that almost all the children are between 5 and 14 years of age.

The mass grave was first discovered in 2018 during land development for buildings in the Pampa la Cruz area, near the city of Huanchaco. The second floor of Huanchaco was discovered from the excavations carried out along it. In addition to its children, nearly 200 llamas were also killed and buried. Investigations revealed that all of them were killed by cutting the chest with a weapon and opening the chest and it happened approximately 600 years ago. Some children had their hearts removed.

It was not easy for archaeologists to find answers to the question of why these brutal killings were carried out. As Peru was a kingdom inspired by the Inca-Maya as well as many other sub-civilizations, there have been many instances of sacrifice recorded throughout history. Here, several points were highlighted for the scientists' hypothesis. That is, the bodies of these children were all placed with their heads facing the sea and many of the bodies were still wet and there were many bodies with skin and hair remaining.

According to archaeological evidence, this area belongs to the ancient Chimú civilization.  Chime is a superstitious civilization belonging to a group of people who lived in Peru between 1200 and 1400. They spread over a large area on the northern coast of Peru. Unlike the famous sun god worship of the Inca civilization, they believed in a completely different moon god called "Shu". They believed that the moon god was more powerful than the sun god, and since they were coastal dwellers, it can be thought that the influence of the heart was the reason for the change in water. There is evidence that they have regularly performed sacrifices and other sacrifices to please the moon god. It is mentioned in the history of Peru that they were invaded by the Inca emperor around 1475.

As they lived near the sea, it is said that these people have suffered from storms and various natural disasters. And there is a doubt that this sacrifice was caused by an irregular natural condition called El Niño Phenomenon, which occurs every few years in the Pacific Ocean near South America. El Niño Phenomenon is the name given to an abnormally warm sea water. Archaeologists say that it may be a sacrifice made to please God, thinking that God is angry because of this situation.
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