"Sri Lankan Businesses Rally for Palestine: Solidarity Amidst Gaza's Challenges"

"Sri Lankan Businesses Rally for Palestine: Solidarity Amidst Gaza's Challenges"

In the heart of Colombo, the Dolci Falasteen restaurant, known for its serene ambiance and Palestinian cuisine, took on a new purpose. Seven weeks after the commencement of Israel's assault on Gaza, a group of spirited entrepreneurs gathered here on a Sunday afternoon, turning the usually quiet establishment into a hub of activity.

Their mission was clear: a fundraising initiative to support war-ravaged Gaza. With a goal set at 10 percent of the proceeds, many vendors went above and beyond, generously contributing their entire earnings. In this bustling corner of the Sri Lankan capital, the warm glow of traditional Arabic lanterns illuminated a scene of unity and solidarity.

"Gaza Endures 52 Days Without Electricity: UN Reports Alarming Power Crisis"

In a stark revelation, the United Nations has shared distressing updates on the electricity situation in Gaza. According to data from the Gaza Electricity Distribution Company (GEDCO), the besieged territory has been without electricity for 52 days, a dire circumstance confirmed since October 11.

The data further reveals that the Israeli electricity supply to Gaza ceased on October 8, and subsequently, the Gaza power plant halted its power supply on October 11. The UN update underlines the chronic electricity deficit in the Gaza Strip over the past decade, exacerbating already fragile living conditions.

Even before the complete power outage, Gaza faced a significant challenge, averaging only 13.3 hours of electricity per day from January to September 2023, as indicated by the provided data. The unfolding crisis emphasizes the urgent need for international attention and support for the people of Gaza.

"Human Toll Escalates: Devastating Losses in Gaza, West Bank, and Israel"

As of October 7, the impact of Israeli strikes on Gaza has taken a devastating toll, with a reported 15,207 lives lost. Shockingly, the figure has not been updated for days, reflecting the collapse of the health system in Gaza amidst ongoing attacks by Israel.

In the Occupied West Bank, at least 254 individuals, including 61 children, have tragically lost their lives. Meanwhile, in Israel, the official death toll from attacks by Hamas exceeds 1,200. These grim statistics underscore the profound human cost of the conflict and highlight the urgent need for international efforts to address the escalating crisis and seek a path towards peace.
- Source & image credits : Al-Jazeera

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