Savor the Authentic Flavors of Chettinad: Sun Chettinad Restaurant's Grand Reopening!


Unlock the gates to a culinary journey like no other as Sun Chettinad Restaurant in Negombo unveils its revamped avatar on December 20, 2023! Get ready to immerse your taste buds in the rich tapestry of All Indian Chettinad dishes, a symphony of flavors that promises an unforgettable dining experience.

The Chettinad Culinary Heritage

Discover the heritage of Chettinad cuisine, a culinary gem renowned for its aromatic spices and bold flavors. Sun Chettinad Restaurant takes pride in bringing you the authentic taste of India's Chettinad region, where every dish tells a story of tradition and passion.

Unveiling the Renovation

Step into a world of elegance as Sun Chettinad Restaurant reopens its doors with a captivating new look. The ambience is designed to transport you to the heart of Chettinad, creating the perfect backdrop for an immersive dining experience.

Culinary Extravaganza – All Indian Chettinad Dishes

Dive into a culinary adventure with our extensive menu featuring a myriad of Chettinad delicacies. From the fiery Chettinad Chicken Curry to the soul-satisfying Paniyaram, each dish is a masterpiece crafted with care and precision.

Explore the menu highlights:

- Chettinad Chicken Curry: A spicy delight that captures the essence of Chettinad.
- Paniyaram: Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside – a perfect snack for any food enthusiast.

Indian Biryani:
1. Chicken Biryani
2. Mutton Biryani
3. Prawn Biryani

Naan Special:
1. Garlic Naan
2. Butter Naan
3. Cheese Naan

South Indian Starters (Veg):
1. Vegetable Pakora
2. Masala Dosa Bites
3. Gobi Manchurian

South Indian Starters (Non-Veg):
1. Chicken 65
2. Fish Amritsari
3. Egg Kothu Parotta

Vegetarian Gravies:
1. Paneer Butter Masala
2. Vegetable Korma
3. Bhindi Masala

Indian Non-Veg Gravies:
1. Butter Chicken
2. Lamb Rogan Josh
3. Prawn Masala

Dum Biryani:
1. Hyderabadi Dum Chicken Biryani
2. Lucknowi Dum Mutton Biryani
3. Kerala Style Dum Prawn Biryani

1. Masala Dosa
2. Rava Dosa
3. Cheese Burst Dosa

1. Chicken Kottu
2. Egg Kottu
3. Vegetable Kottu

Roasted Meal:
1. Tandoori Chicken
2. Malai Kebab
3. Fish Tikka

Sweet Item:
1. Gulab Jamun
2. Rasgulla
3. Jalebi

Stay tuned as we unveil more tantalizing dishes, each with a unique story and flavor profile.

Join the Celebration – #SunChettinad

Be a part of the excitement by using the hashtag #SunChettinad on your social media posts. Share your anticipation, excitement, and, of course, your favorite Chettinad dishes. Let's create a buzz that echoes the joy of Sun Chettinad Restaurant's grand reopening!

As the aroma of Chettinad spices fills the air, Sun Chettinad Restaurant invites you to embark on a culinary journey that transcends time and tradition. Mark your calendars for December 20, 2023, and join us in celebrating the revival of authentic Chettinad flavors at Sun Chettinad Restaurant in Negombo.

For more information and reservations, contact us at +94757771777 or visit our location on Google Maps.

Stay tuned for more updates as we countdown to the grand reopening!
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