Life In Gaza Right Now : In Photos


Trigger Warning: Some photos contain graphic images.

Israel has committed massacres in Gaza every single day for the past 6 weeks, devastating one community after another non-stop. In that time, Israel has murdered over 14,000 Palestinians in Gaza, including more than 5,600 children.

Meanwhile, Israel also cut off nearly all water, food, electricity, and fuel to all of Gaza, forcing Palestinians to starve as it drops bombs on their schools, homes, hospitals, and more. The lack of medical supplies, electricity, and fuel—in conjunction with Israel's bombing of civilians—have forced dozens of hospitals in Gaza to shut down, while doctors in the remaining hospitals treat severely wounded patients without anesthesia or basic medications.

Countless Palestinian children have been orphaned. Countless Palestinian parents are now without their children. Israel is murdering the equivalent of 9-10 classrooms full of children every single day.

Palestinians can’t go on like this. No one could. No one should have to.

It’s past time for a permanent ceasefire to save lives.

- All photos are from Al Jazeera.


Reaching a permanent ceasefire for Palestinians in Gaza, where Israel is committing genocide and ethnic cleansing, is critical. It’s also the bare minimum.

Palestinians everywhere deserve freedom, just like anyone else. This includes the freedom to live safely on their own land, access to basic resources, and protection under the law.

Reaching a permanent ceasefire-not a pause-is critical for Palestinians in Gaza where Israel is committing genocide and ethnic cleansing.

It will save lives. It's also the bare minimum.

Here are 5 things Palestinians need after a permanent ceasefire.

1) Palestinians Should Be Free.

Israel subjects Palestinians to a brutal, racistapartheid system and military rule in order to steal more Palestinian land. Israel has dozens of laws that discriminate against Palestinians, denying them their basic rights and freedom.

No one should be forced to live under the violence of apartheid, military occupation, and colonization.

2) Palestinians Should Be Safe.

Israel routinely kills Palestinian civilians, including children. This year, before October Israel killed about 200 Palestinians, and Israel has killed Palestinians every year for the past 75 years.

Every day, Palestinian parents fear Israeli soldiers may kill their children.

3) Palestinians Should Have Access To Basic Resources.

Israel severely restricts Palestinians from accessing food, electricity, fuel, and medical care, and even restricts Palestinians' own natural resources, like water.

In Gaza, Israel has cut off nearly all food, water, electricity, and fuel for over 6 weeks.

4) Palestinians Should Be Able To Travel Freely.

Israel controls where Palestinians can and can't go-even on Palestinian land. Palestinians are forced to drive on segregated roads and Israeli soldiers stop Palestinians on their way to school and work to harass, and even sometimes kill them.

And in Gaza, it's worse - for 16 years Israel has prevented Palestinians from traveling at all.

5) Palestinians Should Be Free To Return To Their Homes and Land

Since 1948, Israel has violently forced Palestinians out of their homes, destroying countless communities in order to steal their land.

Israel has forced nearly 1.7 million Palestinians in Gaza out of their homes in the past 6 weeks.

Palestinians in Gaza and beyond have the right to return to their land.

Israel cannot oppress and kill Palestinians indefinitely. When we address root causes of violence, we can achieve peace.

Palestinians need a permanent ceasefire now.

Then, they need Freedom.

- Creadits : theimeu
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