BREAKING 🚨 Hamas confirmed the ceasefire

BREAKING 🚨 Hamas confirmed the ceasefire

The details of the agreement on a temporary ceasefire in the Gaza Strip would be announced in a few hours.

Details of a possible ceasefire in Gaza

A 5-day ceasefire is proposed, during which all military operations throughout the Gaza Strip will cease.

Based on a possible agreement, every day 10 Israeli civilian prisoners would be released in exchange for the release of 30 Palestinian women and children.

It was decided to release 50 Israeli civilian prisoners, including children, elderly women and possibly some elderly and sick men, in addition to citizens of other countries.on to citizens of other countries.

BREAKING 🚨 South Africa's Parliament just voted to cut off ties with Israel.

Not a single Muslim country in the Middle East that has diplomatic relations with Israel has severed its ties with Israel yet.

Yemen’s Houthi rebels have released video of the moment the group seized an Israel-linked cargo ship, by landing a helicopter on it in the Red Sea.⁠
Video from Al-Jazeera

Dr. Zakir Naik's Advice on the 13-Point Action Plan for the Muslim Ummah in Support of the Palestinians:

1.🀲 Pray for our brothers and sisters.
2.🌐 Spread awareness about the committed crimes on social media.
3.πŸ“š Spread literature on this issue.
4.πŸ™️ Local publicity (billboards, buses, venues, etc.).
5.☮️ Peaceful protests.
6.πŸ›‘ Boycott.
7.πŸ’° Contribute financially (charity, a portion for Palestine).
8.πŸ“£ Condemn on mainstream media if you can.
9.⚖️ File legal cases in international courts.
10.πŸ“œ Protest at a diplomatic level (e.g., letter to the ambassador).
11.🌐 Total trade boycott at the country level.
12.🌍 Cut diplomatic ties.
13.🀝 Unite!

What We Are Going To Do?

Statistics released by the media office in Gaza

1. Casualties:
- Total martyrs: 13,000
- Children: 5,500
- Women: 3,500
- Medical personnel: 201
- Doctors, nurses, and paramedics
- Civil defense personnel: 22
- Journalists: 60

2. Massacres:
- Total number: 1,330

3. Missing Persons:
- Total missing: 6,000
- 4,000 children and women

4. Infections:
- Total cases: 30,000
- 75% children and women

5. Infrastructure Damage:
- Government headquarters: 97
- Schools: 262 (65 out of service)
- Mosques:
- Completely destroyed: 83
- Partially destroyed: 166
- Churches targeted: 3

6. Residential Units:
- Completely demolished: 43,000
- Partially demolished: 225,000

7. Healthcare Impact:
- Hospitals out of service: 25
- Health centers out of service: 52
- Ambulances targeted: 55

Counts ongoing...πŸ–‹️


Israeli tanks have surrounded the Indonesian Hospital in northern Gaza after artillery fire killed at least 12 Palestinians in the medical complex.

The Israeli occupation insists on the policy of displacing the people of Gaza to Egypt by destroying all aspects of life in Gaza

We cannot evacuate or count the victims of the ongoing Israeli genocide

The occupation destroyed some of the buildings of the Indonesian Hospital, and other buildings are subject to sniper fire

650 wounded are hospitalized in the Indonesian Hospital, although its capacity is 140 beds

A number of displaced people left the Indonesian Hospital and Israeli drones targeted them with gunfire.

Gaza's health ministry


Yemeni naval forces have successfully detained an Israeli ship in the depths of the Red Sea, with 52 people being held on board.

- Source: AlMaydeen

- Source 13-Point Action Plan for the Muslim Ummah in Support of the Palestinians

- Source : theprophetspath

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