BREAKING ๐Ÿšจ Al-Shifa Hospital: Updates

BREAKING ๐Ÿšจ Al-Shifa Hospital: Updates

"Some of the refugees were blindfolded, stripped of their clothes, and kidnapped by the lsraeli forces"

The occupying forces are attacking the surgical and emergency buildings of Shefa Hospital. They have blown up a warehouse of medicines and medical devices in the hospital.

Israeli army is demanding via loudspeakers all people inside the buildings of the complex to turn themselves in.

Hundreds of dead human bodies are still scattered across the streets leading to Al Shifa Hospital in #Gaza, a journalist speaking from the hospital has told Al Jazeera.


The raid came while there is no press coverage or international organizations from inside the hospital.

Following a statement by the White House, giving a green light, Israel’s military said it will break into Al Shifa Hospital.

5000-7000 civilians are taking refuge at Al Shifa in addition to 650 patients and 650 medical workers. Eventhough, Israel announced it a main target for its war so that its soldiers take selfies inside as victory pictures.


Azerbaijan bought air defense from Israel. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will supply Barak MX air defense systems to Azerbaijan worth $1.2 billion.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz says he rejects an immediate ceasefire, claiming that a ceasefire ‘will allow Hamas to recover'.


The Official Media Office In Gaza:

• The number of martyrs due to the aggression on #Gaza has risen to 11,320, including:
• 4,650 children
• 3,145 women

• Occupation massacres against our people have reached 1,165 massacres so far.

• The number of martyrs among medical personnel due to the aggression on the Gaza Strip has risen to 198.

• 72 mosques completely destroyed during the aggression, and 156 partially destroyed, in addition to the destruction of 3 churches.

• 25 hospitals and 52 health centers are out of service due to the aggression.

• 42,000 residential units demolished, and 223,000 units partially damaged, meaning 60% of the sector's buildings.

• We warn of the serious consequences of declaring the cutting of communications and the internet in the Gaza Strip.

- Source : theprophetspath 

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