The Problem With Having Milk With Meat


Ibn Al Qayyam said that milk should never be combined with animal proteins, i.e. fish, meat & chicken.

We asked for the combination of yogurt with meat & Masha'Allah that the following precious information was received.

From Kausar Zaheen (Unani expert of female infertility) :

According to Unani pathy- Milk and meat should never be combined because taking them in one meal will cause indigestion, toxins and putrefaction of food.
So milk and meat (together) disturb digestion and produce gas and toxins.

These toxins and putrefied gas (ama) when enter the blood stream create many problems like allergies, migraine, constipation, arthritis etc.
This is small example but every wrong combination of food in G.I.T produce toxins and flatulence which get absorb into systemic circulation.

Herbs are potent and concentrated whereas foods are of milder degree so their action is not seen immediately inside body.

Milk and yogurt is again very bad combination. The lactobacillus of yogurt start eating lactose in the milk.
Fermentation is under process, so it produces gas which creates discomfort and once get absorbed in blood steam creates many problems as mentioned earlier.

But yogurt is different compared to milk.

Yogurt is fermented food like vinegar. Fermented foods due to their enzymes and lactic acid softened the meat and breakdown protein making the food easier to digest. In some dishes, vinegar is used for the same purpose.

From Hakeem Jeelani Sahib :

Using fish & yogurt together is mentioned in the book "KHAZAEN-UL-ADWIAH" written by ALLAMA NAJM-UL-GHANI RAMPOORI. It is valid.

1. Milk & meat should not be combined

2. Milk & Yogurt ~ again a false combination, many people love LASSI made with milk + yogurt as they feel that it is an enriched taste, but for Lassi, yogurt should be diluted only with water & nothing else

3. Yes, yogurt used either with meat, chicken or FISH seems like a correct combination, either to marinate or to cook together (for Biryani, Qorma, Tandoori recipes)

4. But the best tenderizer for animal proteins is home-made VINEGAR, it softens the meat like individual threads, increases digestibility & vinegar enhances the taste.

And Allah (SWT) knows the best. Jazak Allahu khair.


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