The Many Health Benefits Of The Whole Lemon Tree


The entire lemon along with the plant can be used in numerous ways. Lemon benefits extend from its pulp to the rind.

Benefits of Lemon Water and Juice

Benefits of lemon water and juice are availed in lemonade, carbonated drinks, and other lemony drinks

The juice is used for marinating meats such as fishes, in which it creates a neutralization reaction against amines to produce ammonium salts.

It softens the meat by partially digesting the muscle fibers and adds its signature flavor which is much coveted.

Benefits of lemon water and juice also include being used as a preservative for foods to prevent oxidation such as preserving fruit.

Lemon water for weight loss is often prescribed by health Practitioners to patients suffering from obesity.

Lemon Skin Benefits and Zest/Peel

The lemon skin benefits are used by adding the zest/peel to dishes to add a complimentary bitter lemon kick to them.

The peel itself is dried and stored for later storage. It contains pectin, which makes it a valuable addition to marmalade and other jams

Pectin solidifies the jams, providing them the right consistency.

The zest is also added to pies, gravy, meat-based dishes, and even some drinks.

The zest repels insects and is often kept near clothes to ward off moths which cause damage to the cloth.

Lemon water for weight loss should contain the zest to make it more potent.

Lemon Oil

Lemon oil has become a common commodity thanks to industrialization.

The oil is perfect for aromatic massages as well as flavoring food.

It is highly medicinal in nature.

Lemon oil extract contains the essence of lemon benefits.


Lemon leaves are dried and then used to make special qawa for treating anxiety, constipation and vitamin deficiency.

They are also snipped and added in small quantities to meat-based dishes.

The uses of lemon leaves are numerous, as they cover everything from medicinal to tea brewing.

Lemon Benefits According to Tibbenabawi

Lemon health benefits are numerous and are visible quickly.

Following are Some Lemon Benefits:

1. Fights Infection

Lemon is a citrus fruit, which makes it a natural alternative to pharmaceutical antibiotics,

Lemon health benefits include boosting the production of white blood cells which fight against contaminants entering the body, thus ensuring good health.

2. Antioxidants

Lemon contains antioxidants that actively fight against free radicals.

Routine use delays the natural aging process and ensures protection from associated chronic illnesses such as cancers and heart diseases.

3. Controls Blood Pressure

Routinely consuming lemon controls blood pressure and is another natural alternative to taking harmful cholesterol pills.

Add lemon water for weight loss to your routine diet to easily get lemon health benefits.

4. Anti-Carcinogenic

Lemon is anti-carcinogenic which helps fight against cancers.

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