Self Treatments For Cough

Self Treatments For Cough


A cough is a natural reflex that is your body's way of removing irritants from your upper (throat) and lower (lungs) airways.

Self Treatment For Cough

• Add a tsp of turmeric powder and carom seeds to a cup of water.
• Boil it for a few minutes until the volume reduces to half the initial quantity.
• Add honey to the hot solution and then drink it 2 to 3 times in a day.

• Mix a tsp ground ginger to one tsp honey.
• Drink this mixture thrice a day to get relieve a chronic cough.

Black Pepper
• Add a few drops of a quarter piece of lemon on black pepper poser and salt.
• Consume it to get quick relief from a cough.

Control Severe Coughing at Night
• Add one tsp honey to a glass of hot milk.
• Drink this cough medicine to relieve coughing.
• Do this process before you sleep.

Some basic points that have to be taken into consideration
A cough that results from a poison/toxin can’t be treated with antibiotics or antivirals. If you don't have poison neutralizers/detoxifiers (activated carbon, zeolite, chlorella, senna leaf tea, etc) you can, however, soothe it in the following ways:

• Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
• Elevate your head with extra pillows when sleeping.
• Use cough drops to soothe your throat.
• Gargle hot salt water regularly to remove mucus and soothe your throat.
• Avoid irritants, including smoke and dust.
• Add honey or ginger to hot tea to relieve your cough and clear your airway.
• Use decongestant sprays to unblock have your nose and ease breathing.


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