Brewing the "RUBY RED" Pomegranate Vinegar

Brewing the "RUBY RED" Pomegranate Vinegar

Pomegranate vinegar is a medicine for poor digestion, clogged arteries, Hypertension, even for cancer & HIV patients (parasites, malnutrition, toxins). It is probably the best vinegar ever brewed on earth.

Brewing of pomegranate vinegar is the most difficult, as it is so sensitive & spoils suddenly even with all precautionary measures. That is why we say that "it is born after thousands of years".

When pomegranates are juiced, some part of crushed seeds also enter the juice, these seeds interfere with fermentation & spoil the brew.

Peel the Poms, juice them, & put the juice jars in refrigerator for 2 days so that all the crushed seeds settle at the bottom, filtrate the pure juice carefully without any movement to the jar. Those seeds can be eaten & they will prove to be a plumber for your digestive tract.

For other vinegars like apple, pineapple, pears, sugarcane, coconut, etc. you will skip the seed separation process & start the fermentation immediately after juicing.

Now cover the jar with a cloth, as vinegar loves darkness, and the next step is the most important when we distinguish Halal Vinegar technology, put a thin cloth over the mouth of jar & tie with a rubber band, so that the air goes inside from the first day & any alcohol available is immediately oxidized. We never use the fermentation locks.

Put the jars in a dark place, away from sunlight & you should have enough air in that room / kitchen. Keep the windows open.

Pure juice is allowed to ferment aerobically (by wild yeasts) for 30 days, after which it is filtered & allowed to ferment again (aerobically) for 45 to 60 days. When 75 to 90 days have completed (vinegar gets ready earlier in warm seasons), filtrate the vinegar finally & you will observe some mushrooms, they are called the mother of vinegar, the cellulose made by Acetobacter. Those mushrooms are the residence colonies of bacteria. After filtration, keep the vinegar bottled & always put them in refrigerator, the raw vinegar will have the bacteria & inside the refrigerator, the vinegar will become more sharper & crispier during the next days.

Which Vinegars are the best ?

We have tried vinegars from almost all the fruits, but we found that those from Dates, Figs, Grapes & Pomegranate are the best in this world, "Pomegranate Vinegar" being the KING of all.


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