Where's The Justice?

Where's The Justice?

Only recently Fathoum Issadeen broke into the top 250 in the world Squash Rankings bringing glory and fame to Sri Lanka. Three time national champion, and currently ranked 246, her next aim is to break into the top 100 in the world.

However, despite everything she's achieved, despite being #1 in Sri Lanka her name has been cut off of the list of people representing our country for the Common Wealth Games 2022 starting this Thursday.

After years of hard work, dedication and training, to nip the chances of representing your country despite having proven that you're the best, is truly cruel.

And if an athlete who has proven themselves to such an extent is still treated in such a manner, how many young athletes with the potential to become the greatest perhaps, are nipped in the bud?

This isn't the first time Fathoum has been subjected to such injustice, as her name was taken away from group representing Sri Lanka at the previous Common Wealth Games as well.

This won't be the last time either that such stifling will happen unless the authorities are aware that they can't get away with it. Let's raise our voice against such discrimination, against such cruel treatment, against snatching away the dreams of athletes who've put their body on the line to achieve their dreams.

For too long, those not only in the Sports Ministry, but every governing body in Sri Lanka have worked according to their whims and fancies, giving preferences to their family and friends, neglecting talent. That's why we our country is in such a place right now. We cannot allow it to keep happening.
We've heard of how athletes like Lucion Pushparaj brought glory to Sri Lanka on his own, with no help from the authorities. Apart from his training, he had to exert his mental and physical energy on this battle as well. How many other athletes are being stifled this way?
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