Today We, The People, Won.

Today We, The People, Won.

However, ever since 1505, be it the Portugese, the Dutch, the English or our own people, we have been living in a struggle. There have been wars, insurrections, conflicts, great periods of difficulty that the people had to go through that claimed millions of lives. People that would've contributed to the development of our country.

Even after independence, since 1948, every 15 years, we've had some sort of conflict. Let that sink in.

So where does this cycle of violence stop? When does it end?

It's time that we reflect inwards, over our past mistakes, learn from history rather than burying it and propogating a distorted version. We need reforms in key areas of this country, including education at the forefront for the benefit of the long run.

A system change begins with the most basic unit of the society, an individual, their families. We cannot expect everyone else to change, the system to change while promoting those same values in our daily transactions.
It's time we break the cycle once and for all.

Let this be the last time we are duped into electing murderers, racists and thieves to run the country. Let this be the last time we tread into an era where we've had to sacrifice lives to oust a leader, where lives were lost in queues, stranding families. Where people languished in hunger, burdened with debt. Let this be a new beginning, and let this serve as the first step to restoring our motherland.
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