Are Chlorpyrifos in Non-Organic Milk causing your Health Problems?

Are Chlorpyrifos in Non-Organic Milk causing your Health Problems?


Data from a study conducted by the Organic Center has found that at least 60 percent of the non-organic milk sampled by researchers had residues of chlorpyrifos.

According to experts, chlorpyrifos is unsafe at any concentration. Fortunately, you can avoid certain food products at the grocery to eliminate this toxic chemical from your kitchen.

Chlorpyrifos is a neurotoxin or a chemical that affects the nervous system and brain. Even small amounts of exposure to neurotoxins can cause permanent health damage to infants and children.

Exposure to chlorpyrifos can negatively affect children’s IQ and harm the parts of the brain that control behavior, emotion, language and memory.

A new study from the University of Southern Denmark has also shown that chlorpyrifos exposure in pregnant women can result in ADHD in their children.

Since millions of pounds of chlorpyrifos are sprayed on crops annually, most people are exposed to the pesticide via milk, fruit and other produce. Separate studies conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warn that babies and developing fetuses are exposed to at least five times more chlorpyrifos than what the EPA’s standard deems safe.

The study findings also showed that children consume chlorpyrifos at 11 to 15 times the EPA standard.

These pesticides can be the cause of children’s chronic health problems, like learning problems and attention deficit disorders.

Children from families in the area where this has been sprayed have also experienced other negative side effects such as vomiting, painful skin irritations, debilitating headaches and dizziness, along with developing autism and respiratory ailments.
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