A Sri Lankan won the Nobel Prize for Naturalists.

A Sri Lankan won the Nobel Prize for Naturalists.

Congratulations Rohan Pethiyagoda.

The Linnean Medal was awarded at a London ceremony to the first Sri Lankan in its history: since 1888, the medal has been given annually to a botanist or a zoologist, or to one of each, in the same year.

Rohan Pethiyagoda, Sri Lanka's foremost naturalist and Sri Lankan freshwater fish taxonomist, has won the prestigious "The Linnean Medal" award from the Linnean Society in London, the world's oldest active club dedicated to natural history. This medal is awarded annually by the Linnean Society Council to one or two biologists in turn (in any field) in recognition of society's respect and appreciation for their service to science. Mr. Pethiyagoda is the first Sri Lankan scientist to receive this award and the second Asian scientist to receive this award since the inception of the program in 1888.

In honor of his contribution to biodiversity research, many of the newly discovered species have been named after Mr. Pethiyagoda. They include Dawkinsia rohani and Rasboroides rohani. Microhyroid frog Uperodon Rohani; Dragon lizard Calotes pethiyagodai; Jumping spider Onomastus pethiyagodai and Dragonfly Macromidia donaldi Pethiyagodai.

Most recently, in 2020, S.D. Biju named a new genus of South and Southeast Asian tree frogs, Rohanixalus, in honor of Pethiyagoda by a team of leading scientists.
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