This Independence Day,

This Independence Day,

we don't want huge parades or fanfare. Nor do we want a display of military strength or flights zooming above us.

We don't want you to hide behind another facade, for which you use our own money, in an economy that is already on the verge of collapse.

You will simply leave us with more unfulfilled promises, pushing more of us to leave the country.

How can you stand by as those who were disabled by the war, raise their hands in salute, while you don't honour their sacrifice?

You don't deserve to be saluted by the soldiers who lost their comrades, when you dishonour their deaths every single day by letting corruption run rampant.

While those families who suffer from the death of their child are teetering on the edge of a country that is being sucked into an abyss of failure with every passing day, you are cushioned in your palace garnered with the sweat, blood and tears of the Sri Lankan citizens.

Today all of us, all Sri Lankans are in mourning, mourning for the loss of the proud nation we once were, and mourning the loss of the country we could have become.

Every passing day is shadowed with an air of uncertainty, mired in frustration and helplessness as the law is bent and broken by those in power and merciless to the already oppressed, as our country is being sold away to cover our debts, as we are robbed in broad daylight.

No amount of fan fare can fix this, no amount of promises can make us forget.
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