POWERFUL ways to Strengthen your Kidneys!

POWERFUL ways to Strengthen your Kidneys!

If you are suffering from,

- Gout
- Diabetes
- Cancer
- Eczema
- other chronic illnesses

It is time to clean your kidneys and let them rest!

1. Fasting! (Saum)

It is the MOST POWERFUL way to detoxify your kidneys and let them rest so that it can recover overeating, fried food, using vegetable oils, corn oil, soy oils, poor food diet, sugar causes the kidney to be overworked.

Fasting will allow your kidneys to recover and return to its job of Filtering toxins and harmful substances in the body!

Fasting also inculcates the habit to reduce your FREQUENCY of EATING

this will lower your Glycemic Index
(which in turn improves your overall blood sugar balance)

Eat ONLY when you are hungry
(Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner is a Marketing Gimmick!)

Capitalize on this SACRED MONTH of Rajab, and start fasting!

Your good deeds will be multiplied and you get to, Reduce your weight and improve your looks with stronger kidneys

2. Parsley Juice

it is a nutrient-dense diuretic
(increase the production of urine to flush out toxins and bad bacteria etc)

those with water-retention will greatly benefit as diuretics will help remove excess water in the blood of our body

mix with blueberries or strawberries to get extra benefits and flavour!

these cute plants can easily be found in Cold Storage as well

Start growing your own food, and return to NATURE the way Allah Azzawajal intended it for us and be free from the Dajjalic system of control.
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