9 Sunnah Cupping Points on Body   There are 9 Sunnah Points of the body where Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) were performed hijama or cupping therapy. These are the sunnah points of Hijama or Cupping Therapy: On Top of the Head The first of hijama sunnah points is located on top of the head. This point, known as Ummu Mughits or ‘Ala Ro’si , is the ‘mother of diseases.’ Many diseases originated from this point. Because of this, hijama done on this point will help cure lots of diseases. For instance, headache, vertigo, migraine, sinusitis, glaucoma, acne and mental disorders. Hijama on this point is also known to improve memory and intelligence as well. On Neck The second and third points are on the back of the neck, just below the hairline. This point is known as Al Akhda’in . Hijama in these points will help cure stiff neck, stiff jaw, headache, toothache, sore throat and swollen face. On the Shoulder The fourth, fifth and sixth points are located on the shoulder. The fourth po