What is happening in Kazakhstan?

What is happening in Kazakhstan?

🇰🇿 The update now is the president has ordered the military today to shoot to kill all "terrorists" without warning. He also claims that 20,000 "bandits" attacked the city of Almaty. But what does "terrorist" mean in the eyes of the government? Is it anyone who goes out on the street to protest?

Russian-led CTSO forces have now also arrived in the country to provide military assistance to the government. Many fear Putin could use this to impose more power over Kazakhstan.

Although vast majority of protestors have been peaceful. There are a minority who looted local police stations and took the weaponry, and there was a video shared online of another car dropping weapons off to some people too on the street. Internet is constantly being cut off too so it's difficult to know the true reality or how many people may have been killed and injured.

Kazakhstan is another one of them central Asian post-soviet countries that despite being a muslim majority, it still clamps down on Islam and is oppressive against practicing muslims.

There was a bill in 2018 where government minister spoke about ban on religious beards, but those who styled their beards didn't have to worry (yes he said that). There has also been in some places ban on hijabs for children going to school.

Keep the people of Kazakhstan in your duas. May Allah bring peace and prosperity give them the freedom to practice Islam in peace, Ameen.

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