Muslim Woman cried when she saw the Mufti... Motivational Story

Muslim Woman cried when she saw the Mufti... Motivational Story

A young woman, a German citizen,
19-year-old Saskia Michelle Müller, whose mother is German and her father, decided to go to Islam when she saw that she went to the mosque with the imam in her dream.

A procession ceremony was held for Saskia Michelle Müller who applied to Kayseri Provincial Mufti to become Muslim. Müller didn't control her tears when she saw the provincial Mufti Şahin Güven who entered  the ceremony.

Mufti Güven at the ceremony explained the conditions of Islam and faith. Later, 19-year-old Müller,  changed her name to Zeynep.

Müller who expressed that something lacks in her religion and felt better when she began to recognize Islam; I saw our neighbors praying when they came to us at a young age. I'm impressed there.

Then I saw the lives of my Muslim friends around me and I was impressed by them too. Then I had a dream. I saw the teacher, the mosque and the mosque. The dream I had most of all impressed. I realized something was missing in my own religion. I started to feel better when I started recognizing Islam she said.

The reason why Saskia Michelle Müller cried when she saw Mufti Güven: ′′I saw a teacher who came to me and took me to the mosque in my dream. The teacher I dreamed of was this teacher. That's why I'm emotional′′ she said 
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