27 years old Abdul Basith from Digana Srilanka was burned to death by mob for having different religious believes from mob in 2018.

Mob walked to many Muslim villages, attacked, looted, burnt and destroyed the properties ad mosques from 3rd of March to 10th of March 2018.

All these happened during curfew, while government had restricted the social media so the news won't spread. While teh Police and special task force were present.

Authorities were failed to stop the mob for nearly 6 continues days and yet teh justice is pending. Unfortunately Mahanayaka Thero didn't write to president to ensure the justice for Abdul Basith. There were no hash tags trending for #justiceforabdulbasith and no one blamed the fellow citizens for sharing the same language and religious believes with the bloody mob.

Simply no one even call the entire society to come front to remove this extremists ideas from within the society.

Abdul Basith was not the first or last victim of this endless mob attacks on minorities in Srilanka. From 1956 to 1983, from Mawanella to Aluthgama, Gintota, Ampara, Digana, Minuwangoda.... justice is pending.

Yes we are a perfect proud nation.
Shame on others.

Taken from Arshad Cader 

(Watch the video given at the start, then you'll realize how cruel they have treated innocent muslims)

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