Uyghur Muslims slaughtered on-demand for forced organ harvesting in China, -The real-life Squid Game

Uyghur Muslims slaughtered on-demand for forced organ harvesting in China,
-The real-life Squid Game


This isn't anything new but a reminder of what is happening to Uyghur muslims in China. While some of you may have watched Squid Game and were horrified at how the contestants Organs were taken out and sold off to buyers, this is happening in real life too.

In a normal country, people volunteer to be on donor lists and after they die their organs can be taken out and used to help someone in need of an organ transplant. However, the waiting lists for organs are long and many people die before they can get an organ transplant.

In China however, if you have the money to pay for an organ, you can order on demand and don't have to worry about waiting too long. Uyghur muslims in prisons and concentraion camps can be matched with a buyer and then killed for the organ to be transplanted such as a heart or a liver. A recent report said that a healthy liver can be bought for around $160,000. It's become a very profitable business.

Enver Tohti, a former oncology surgeon in Xinjiang who is credited by human rights organisations with participating in the “first known case of live organ harvesting”, explained how Chinese authorities in Xinjiang have mandated and implemented compulsory blood sample collection from Uyghur detainees,

with the objective being to create a national “live organ-matching database” – a claim corroborated by Ethan Gutmann, a human rights investigator, who testified by written statement to the China Tribunal that “over the last 18 months, literally every Uyghur man, woman, and child – about 15 million people – have been blood and DNA tested, and that blood testing is compatible with tissue matching”.
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We need to speak up about the atrocities taking place and continue raising awareness. Today there have two major protests taking place here in the UK in London and Manchester to speak on the plight of the Uyghur Muslims.
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