Do u Believe in this Symbol 🧿? known as the "Eye of Fatima" or the "Hand of Fatima"

Do u Believe in this Symbol 🧿? Then the caption is for you

This is known as the "Eye of Fatima" or the "Hand of Fatima" when it is placed on a symbolic hand.

Due to their lack of understanding of Allah, Islam and just lacking common sense, people believe this symbol protects from harm and evil.

They hang it up in their cars, above their doors and carry it with them. We even see digital versions of this on social media where people hope it will protect them from jealous people.

Here is the bottom line. This symbol does not protect from anything whatsoever. Having such a belief will throw a person into the depths and darkness of shirk.

If he/she dies while holding the belief that this symbol protects in and of itself, that person will enter the fire for eternity.

This is because protection is from Allah and refuge is sought with Him, thus giving it to a symbol or shape counts as associating partners with Allah.

This is why we need to educate the people. They are doing things that they see as tiny and minor, yet the consequences of their actions could be utterly destructive to them.
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